Weekly Menu Planning – May 2022

Cooking for 1 at the Jersey Shore

Monday: Beef stroganoff over buttered egg noodles, green salad
Tuesday: shrimp salad sandwich
Wednesday: leftover beef stroganoff and egg noodles
Thursday: pasta primavera
Friday: homemade clams casino
Saturday: leftover pasta primavera


Yes, @MunchkinRedux I’ve made the French Cabbage Soup many times,using the recipe I linked. A half recipe gives us 4-5 meal-sized servings. Edited to add that I do change up the sequence, and wait until the first simmer (of veggies, broth, sausage) is underway to make the roux using a very small (one-egg) skillet.

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Thank you! I’ve put it on my list of things to try.

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Contributing a day later than usual, as it was a long weekend here in Canada and the unofficial start of summer!

Cooking for two adults and a 9yo in southwestern Ontario:

M - A terriyaki-ish salmon rice bowl with avocado, green onions, and sriracha mayo

T - Ground beef tacos

W - Nutty, herby spring pasta (Half Baked Harvest Everyday)

Th - Soy glazed chicken, steamed jasmine rice, roasted broccoli

Lunches - I made a Greek-ish tortellini salad from a recipe I saw on Instagram.Delicious and easy! Frozen cheese tortellini cooked and tossed with a red-wine vinegar and lemon juice vinaigrette, feta, red onions, grape tomatoes, bell peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, chickpeas, kalamata olives, parsley, and basil etc.

Baking - Double chocolate chip muffins - two thumbs up for these!


Yum on that tortellini salad idea - thanks!

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Greetings, people.

Another busy week dominated by family health matters and a garden schedule which waits for no man.

My 94-y.o. Dad continues to cope with failing health. For the family, his comfort and well-being are a priority as he continues his life’s journey. On the home front, we transplanted all the remaining summer crops: beans, tomatoes, winter squash, peppers, cukes, and zuccs. It’s a very satisfying and hopeful feeling to look around and see a summer garden in the ground. For anyone who’s interested, I posted some pictures of this year’s garden on the 2022 Veggie Garden thread.

The Vegetable Of The Week is leeks, along with the last of the spring spinach and asparagus.

Cooking for two adults in the PNW.

FRI: Leek and chicken stew with spinach and artichoke. Homemade bread.

SAT: Pasta in cream sauce with sausage and peas .

SUN: Asparagus-leek vegetable soup. Cheddar biscuits. Ham slices.

MON: Last week’s cancelled repeat of the Afghan dinner: scallion and leek dumplings with lamb sauce and yogurt.

TUE: Ginger-beef, kale and mushroom stir fry. Steamed rice.

WED: Leek and asparagus quiche. Green salad.

THUR: Chicken and rice with apricots and almonds (simplified biryani).


All those delicious leeks - are they from your garden?

I hope that your father is comfortable. I’m sorry you’re going through this.


Thank you for the concern, @LulusMom1. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, the leeks are from the garden. We over-did it when we planted last fall, and there is now a sackful in the refrigerator I need to work through to make way for more veg. A good problem to have.


Actuals for May 23 week, cooking for 2 in MN, where the last 9 of the flower pots got planted, then pulled into the garage nightly as temperatures dove to the low 40’s F. At husband’s request, this week’s soup was a (usually only made in winter) batch of chili. Then the summer-switch got turned on and we’re now looking at 90’s for daily highs.

Mon: noon - Reheat turkey, stuffing, veggies, potato half. Happy husband commented (again) - “We have the BEST leftovers.”
BAKED – rhubarb upside down cake (ready in time for lunch dessert)
BAKED - Sweet potato bacon quiche (Dinner in French), also ham & gruyere mini-quiche with leftover pastry (NOT ready in time to be supper…)
Mon Dinner: Open-faced chicken pizza sandwiches – Kings Hawaiian rolls, topped with garlic-herb pasta sauce, shredded rotisserie chicken, provolone cheese.
Tues: Sweet Potato Quiche, sliced reheated roast turkey, strawberries w whipped cream.
Wed: Chili, corn bread muffins
BAKED – honey white bread from a video by Our Tribe of Many. First time I’ve used lechithin and it’s a learning curve - bread was very soft when made with all bread flour (but makes great toast). Next batch will be half whole-wheat flour.
Thurs: Hot tuna salad sandwiches, tossed salad with cherry tomatoes
Fri: Cod cooked in lemon oil w lemon pepper, mac & cheese, Normandy vegetables. Fresh orange slices. Slivers of turtle pie.
Sat: reheated Chili & cornbread
BAKED – rhubarb cake
Sun (today): (Aldi’s) Pub burgers, deli potato salad, baked beans. Dessert - rhubarb cake


The June discussion is ready for when your plan is more for June than May.


Hi everyone! Busy week here, doing all sorts of stuff. We just picked Lulu up fro the airport- her first flying trip without one of us. She made the finals at a national debate tournament in DC. So proud of her, the only sophomore in her type of debate to make finals. It was quite a week with her prepping for that along with studying for final exams. LLD took me to see Paul McCartney last weekend, and that was tons of fun. Outdoor show, and we were masked the whole time. Here is what we’ve eaten since last time:

5/20: Portuguese soup with soyrizo, potatoes, beans, and kale

5/21: a picnic in the car before the show, i had camembert on baguette and it was so good. I did worry that I smelled of cheese after though.

5/22: carry out

5/23: sumac-spiced chickpea salad with tomatoes and herbed yogurt (Ali cooks?), pita. This recipe is so good that even LLD loves it

5/24: chicken and snow pea stir fry, Asian slaw. I thought the stir fry was ho hum but LLD loved it.

5/26: turkey sausage, pepper, onion hoagies

527-5/29: parents alone in the house! One night at Bulls game with their amazing fish tacos, a night of each cooking our own thing, and a night of carry out.

5/30: tonight. Asian salad with cold roast chicken, baguette. Dessert is rhubarb fool, which @CaitlinM reminded me about a month or so ago. It’s one of Lulu’s favorites to welcome her home.

I hope spring has finally arrived for all of you. Enjoy your week!


Wow, so much delicious food and big events! Congrats to Lulu on her debate success!


Congratulations to Lulu and her parents!


Hey there everyone from the Twin Cities of MN where the end of May was all over the place so I want to put a stamp on it and get it out of here! I forget when I last posted so I apologize for repeats! in short, skating competitions, trees blowing down in storms, my (permanent) crown popping off while brushing my teeth, puberty week at school, lots of family visitors/house guests and a few things I must have forgot. Actuals for 2 adults and 2 growing girls in the Twin Cities of MN watching a robin family grow and glad I eat things besides worms! We have 4 babies in a nest on the light outside of my garage door. So ugly cute!

Weds 25: I had my crown put back on. As my dentist is across town Mr Autumm was sin charge of dinner. Not sure what they had. I had fries and a diet coke

Thurs 26: My parents are here along with their truck to help with downed apple tree removal. Grilled chicken, salad, hot crash potatoes

Fri 27: Home made pizzas with my parents here after moving a whole lot of tree to the yard waste site. Standard pepperoni and cheese, and fresh mozzarella, arugula and procuitto on a variant of Lahey’s no-kneed crust. I add a bit of olive oil to the dough

Sat 28: Date night! Meatballs and red sauce in the slow cooker for the kiddos/sitter. We are super romantic type cause when my sandal broke (very sad!) he took me to DSW for new shoes before dinner! Dinner was amazing too- must recreate the salad- a herby buttermilk dressing over greens, radishes and blisters pea pods

Sun 29: In-laws over for dinner. They were on their best for them behavior. After paying for all 3 of Mr Autumm’s siblings honeymoons (but not ours) they offered us some rewards points towards a vacation. Our 16th anniversary is this summer. Cuban pork roast ala Serious eats with rice, beans, salad

Mon 30: Omelettes to supplement assorted leftovers and minimal cooking mojo

Tues 31: Leftover grilled chicken with BBQ sauce to help with blandness. Salads, leftover potatoes, assorted crudités

So that wraps up May and hopefully June will be better!


Hello from a sunny warm Ottawa. It has been cool for the last couple of weeks but it finally feels like it’s warming up. There are 300 people still without power from our epic thunderstorm a couple of weeks ago even though Hydro was expecting to have everyone’s power back on by last Friday. They now say it may take at least another week possibly more before the last few get their power back on. I can’t imagine going that long without electricity and I am very thankful I didn’t lose my power. Some of our summer events in Ottawa are coming back including ribfest (which I live for) and Doors Open Ottawa. Alot of buildings in Ottawa open their doors to the city for one weekend (usually the first weekend in June). This year the city is doing a hybrid version so some buildings are open to in-person visits and others are offering virtual tours. For the first time in Doors Open 20 years history I don’t think I’ll be going since I’ve seen all the buildings that I can get to by foot or by bus 😉

Onto my menu plan for a solo diner in Ottawa:

Today: sushi for lunch so I will have a potato asparagus salad for dinner.

Saturday: ribfest! I live in an apartment with no access to a barbeque so I live for this weekend! There are bbq stalls almost the entire length of Sparks Street (an outdoor pedestrian mall in downtown Ottawa) so I will start at one end and end at the other until I hit on something that appeals to me. I always have such a hard time deciding.

Sunday: rice noodle salad with shrimp and asparagus. https://www.myrecipes.com/…/rice-noodle-salad-with…

Monday: risotto with asparagus and sundried tomatoes.

Tuesday: peanut butter noodles with cucumbers. https://www.bonappetit.com/…/peanut-butter-noodles-with…

Wednesday: bok choy and salmon ramen.

Thursday: chicken cacciatore, fettucine or spaghetti noodles on the side with whatever CSA vegetables I have left.

Lunches will alternate between tabouli and sorrel soup.


Good heavens… what is puberty week?

I’m dying to get (and cook from) this cookbook after borrowing a copy from the library. Has it ever been COTM? Would love recipe recs/to cook along others.

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I would love that! There are a lot of things in this boom that I want to make, and of course it’s even more fun when you do it with others.

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Not sure who runs COTM/COTQ. Is it @biondanonima? If so - here are two nominations for Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street Cookish. cc @LulusMom1