Weekly Menu Planning - March 2023

Snowstorm? Oh, you mean the 90 minutes of crazy windy flurries, which all melted by the next afternoon? :joy: yeah… but not as bad as the western parts of the state.


Not one single meal sounds boring to me!


Still meals for two in northwest England. And another week where we’re needing to plan earlier than usual as we’re getting a supermarket home delivery. But there’s not much cooking to be done.

Friday - out

Saturday - probably takeaway

Sunday - pasta bake (in the freezer brown gloop drawer) & salad

Monday - pork chops, veg, saute spuds, apple sauce

Tuesday - kedgeree

Wednesday - out (Iranian restaurant)

Thursday - “Crunchy topped chicken” - an old favourite we havent had for a while. Spuds & veg. Chicken breasts split in half horizontally. Each half smeared with Dijon, given a breadcrumb topping and baked. The topping is very forgiving - nuts can be added, or lemon zest


Hello Everyone from the trying to be Spring Twin Cities of MN where it finally melted enough to get our solar panels up and running! The unpacking and organizing continues- I’ve moved mixing and serving bowls it seems like a dozen times but I’m getting more confident in my new appliances - but not loving the “feature” of if I pull the pot storage drawer open when the cooktop is going the burners re-light themselves. Motivated to get boxes empty as our next door neighbors are selling- #5 and #6 on the way (twins) and house too small so I have a home for all the boxes. Very happy for them and bummed as they are great neighbors.

Actuals and plans for 2 adults and 2 growing girls:

Thurs 16: Spinach salads with warm bacon dressing and garlic toast. A recent repeat but everyone loved it (alton brown)

Fri 17: Takeout after both girls skated

Sat 18: Happy Birthday Mr Autumm! Strip steaks, poached shrimp, fungus from freezer. crispy roasted potatoes, roasted broccoli. Store bought cake

Sun 19: Rice-a roni spanish rice with kielbasa. Last minute punting on dinner

Mon 20: Tonight! Eggs benny with holiday sauce, spinach for a belated Mr Autumm’s birthday celebration (usually a birthday lunch but life)

Tues 21: Um, food. Skate show rehearsals for both girls and gah! Also need to grocery shop

Weds 22: Leftovers after little kiddo’s swim lessons

Thurs 23: Big kiddo needs new skates (stop growing child!) TBD but probably takeout

FRi 24: Both kiddos skate back to back I have no idea honestly

Happy Spring Everyone !


Dinner sounds good. Food is my plan too! Lasagna soup has been on our maybe list for days now.
Good luck with the new cooktop and Happy birthday to Mr. Autumn.:upside_down_face:


Is that at all similar to this recipe? It’s a favorite and on my list for the coming weeks.

Feeding three in Asheville, NC, including an almost 6-yo who’s finally trying and even enjoying some new foods! If you see repeat recipes here it’s because we haven’t gotten to them yet, and I’m not giving up :joy:. This order is purely speculative…

Tonight: butter chicken and basmati rice (The Essential Indian Instant Pot), naan, sauteed garlic spinach with dried cherries and chaat masala

Tomorrow: snacks and drinks with our neighbors; if we’re still hungry, leftovers scrounge

Thursday: taekwondo night. Fondue with lil smokies, Italian bread, apples, cauliflower, broccoli, grape tomatoes, and whatever else I can pull together quickly

Friday: twice-cooked pork (belly) (Ma La Market) with knife-cut noodles and CSA veg TBD

Saturday: Andouille, potato, and corn chowder (AllRecipes)

Sunday: Roasted Chicken Thighs, Potatoes, Brussels & Scallions with Herb Vinaigrette (Eating Well) Succession Season 4 debut! :raised_hands:t2:

Monday: eggplant parm sandwiches with fresh mozz and roasted red pepper on Ciabatta

Tuesday: taekwondo. Cracked pepper turkey tenderloin, boxed stuffing, jarred gravy (will have to doctor), canned cranberry sauce, and pan-seared Brussel sprouts. AKA nostalgia on the cheap

Wednesday: date night out!

Thursday: clay pot rice with chicken and sausage (NYT), CSA veg

Friday: Tajín grilled pork tenderloin with coconut rice and black beans

Saturday: my DH is going out of town for the night, and I’m planning on pizza out or something equally easy

Sunday: Smitten Kitchen’s white ragu over TJ’s trofie pasta

Monday: cock-a-leekie soup with barley (WaPo)

Tuesday: “barbecue” shrimp and cheddar grits (Pat & Gina Neely)

Wednesday: Thai peanut chicken (The Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook)

Thursday: sloppy lentils in buns, cole slaw

Yeah, sure, that’ll all happen :rofl:


We read a lot of the same media. Two of these are on my radar, as well: the clay pot rice and the cock-a-leekie soup. I’ll be interested to see your write-ups when they come.


Here, I’ve found I really only can expect to make a main dish 3 - 4 times weekly. All other lunches/dinners are recombinatory leftovers and reheats with perhaps a fresh salad or side.


That phrase made me laugh and nod, YEP that’s exactly how some weeks feel here!


We have solved this matter. Make soup.

It can clear a fridge in moments


Well, it’s been a minute. Or a month that feels like a few years. Feeding 3-5 adults in Mumbai at the moment, rather than mostly 1 in NYC.

We lost my dad unexpectedly a month ago, and just before his 1 month prayers (and my anticipated return home thereafter), my mom tripped and then had to have surgery for a compound hip fracture. We brought her home yesterday, and it is a new normal in so many ways that we are all mentally and physically exhausted and drained – each in our own ways (and I’ve extended my trip for a few more weeks). She doesn’t feel like eating (no surprise, given the physical pain, the medications, and the emotional trauma), and neither do we, really, so I am back to planning at least a few days out so there are options to cover us and keep her well fed with the diversity she seems to need at the moment.

Tues – Home from hospital. Lunch: Aloo parathas, yogurt, pickle. Dinner: Terribly unplanned scrounge (mom barely ate a piece of toast with tomato and some clear soup, we ate leftovers from the preceding takeout days at the hospital).

Wed – Lunch: Cauliflower and potato curry, yogurt, and I made two fresh chapatis for mom so I could control the size and feed her 50% more in her acceptable count, lol. Dinner: Roast chicken with potatoes, fresh bread, and rice cooked in the chicken drippings (triple carbs ftw) for us; purple yam cutlet, butternut squash soup (we had this too), and fresh bread for mom with bonus nutritious dessert of a favorite comfort sweet (sheera / ww “pudding”).

Thurs – Lunch: Kerala vegetable stew with appams (one of my sis’s specialties). Dinner: leftover cauliflower potato curry repurposed into Pav bhaji (mashed veg with buttery griddled bread) with the addition of a few more vegetables.

Fri – Lunch: Green moong in buttermilk gravy, sautéed cluster beans or ivy gourd, chapatis. Dinner: Momos (Tibetan dumplings, paneer+vegetable and mutton options), sweet corn soup.

Sat – Lunch: Thai green curry with vegetables and mock duck. Dinner: Homemade pizza (either using ready crusts which are ubiquitous here or Roberta’s crust recipe, depending on my energy level). I may play with lahmacun as I have both beyond and meat kheema ready in the freezer and the turkish topping is two tiny steps from it

Sun – Lunch: Millet flatbreads (Rotla), eggplant mash (bharta) though not for me, garlic chutney, yogurt. Dinner: Mixed mushroom Japchae (found sweet potato starch noodles, amazingly), soup tbd.

I’m also trying to get some breakfasts and tea snacks made (yes, there are 4 meals a day here) so there’s always something to eat that she’ll try a bit of, as she can’t taking medication without eating something proper, and a single biscuit / cookie / cracker doesn’t meet the bar.

Will report back on how the longer range planning turns out in this otherwise daily plan household.


Sorry to hear about both parents. Must be very stressful. How are you doing?

Pav bhaji. Mmmmmm. Perhaps my favourite Mumbai street food dish.


So sorry to hear about your mom’s health journey, on top of your dad’s loss.
Blessing that you and your sister are there, (and your brother for a while?)

Hope the nourishing food restores your mother as much as possible.


Sending hugs–you’ve got a lot on your plate. So sorry for your loss. Hope feeding your mom will be healing for you as well as for her.


Thanks @Harters, I’m in don’t-think-just-do mode at the moment.

I love pav bhaji. Really easy to make at home, if you want to try sometime. Easy to cheat too, if you have a ready tomato gravy base and a pack of frozen mixed veg!


Thanks @Rasam. Her prognosis is thankfully complete recovery to normal, so it’s just time, mind, and effort between here and there. But it’s a lot given the context.


Ooof, so much for you and your family to deal with! Meal plans sound great. Hope your mom starts to feel better and stronger soon!


I keep promising myself.

It’s a regular order at our favourite Mumbai street food place. The owner of which has just returned from a trip back home to see family. And, this evening, tells me that on Sunday the restaurant is doing a Parsi tasting menu, based on the food from the city’s Irani cafes. I’ve missed it the last two years but definitely going this time. Interestngly, his business partner is Iranian.


I winged the sauce, somewhat loosely based on a pan sauce recipe (Warm Tomato Vinaigrette) in The Dinner Plan. If memory serves, I used 1 gigantic shallot (minced) sautéed in olive oil, a pint of tomatoes, and a splash of red wine vinegar (plus s&p) - no herbs and no capers, pretty basic. It worked well enough!