Weekly Menu Planning - January 2023

Hello to everyone from the cloudy and gray Twin Cities of MN (and lots of time in Duluth MN) where I would really like to see the sun for a bit. The home reno is racing toward a conclusion (hooray?) but I just can’t seem to keep up with the to do list. We said we would prime and paint ourselves to save money; I’m guessing if the company was responsible for the said tasks the timing would be a bit more “orderly” But looking forwards to being back home. Although after a long weekend in a hotel room, the apartment seems quite spacious. . . Meals have not been inspiring but I need to post for me to post so I have good habits again in the future: Actuals and plans for 2 adults and 2 growing girls:

Thurs - Sat 21: Takeout and restaurant meals while traveling to and cheering on the team’s skaters in Duluth. Big kiddo had some trouble with nosebleeds but she worked very hard and had great sportsmanship and I am such a proud Mama. Some club members need a refresher in gracious non- wining. Or their parents do. I digress. . . The hotel restaurant had excellent fries and cheese curds. Also a lovely NZ sauvignon blanc. Big kiddo loved the chicken pot pie

Sun 22; Back to the apartment after a late lunch before driving home with the fridge acting as a freezer See also gallon of milk cube (GRR!) Scrambled eggs and avocado toast. Crudite that the hotel fridge didn’t freeze. Trouble with refrigeration devices seems to be a constant in my life

Mon 23: Tonight! Both girls skated with coach. Meatballs and sauce from freezer, Mr Autumm boiled pasta. Grapes

Tues 24: Both kiddos skate at different rinks. Need to do a major fridge replenish so TBD

Weds 25: The 6th grade skiing field trip! Shrimp tacos with freezer shrimp and assorted fixings

Going forwards not sure. Trying to use up all the stuff we moved to the apartment so we can move back home


I hear you on the rethinking DIY parts of projects… I have had to reconsider how much it would cost for us to get supplies plus the cost of our time (and cost of what we’re not doing to do the DIY project) compared to the cost to outsource it. Sometimes saving money actually costs more.

Also, I misread Monday as “Mr. autumm boiled grapes” - I missed the word “pasta” in there. :joy:


Belated post of actuals as we continue to struggle to get our 2nd refrigerator fixed. Officially on week four. When the 1st fridge is only 17 cuft, it makes everything a struggle. Sigh. 1stWP.

The holiday meal was a blast and there are some pictures over in this post

Sunday - omelet and salad instead of cheese plate as we prepped for Monday.
Monday - lovely post-holiday celebratory meal chronicled here:

Tuesday - I don’t honestly remember
Wednesday - freezer jap chae and vegetable pancakes

Thursday - leftovers
Friday - dinner out

Saturday - pasta
Sunday - amazing cheese plate that I forgot to snap a pic of

I will be so happy when this fridge issue is over.


Week 4 of 52.
Two overachiever cooks in the SF Bay Area cooking for ourselves.
More available in the markets this week with all this lovely sunshine, but we are still limited on refrigerated space.

Monday - Moussaka from the freezer
Tuesday - Beans & Greens
Wednesday - Leftovers with a dram for Robbie Burns
Thursday - Mushroom Tofu stirfry
Friday - omelet and greens
Saturday - Robbie Burns dinner made at home
Sunday - cheese plate with some lovely crudite and breads


we use a block format - with notes as needed. changes abound . . .


The February discussion is ready for whenever your plan is more about next-month than January.


Greetings People.

A birthday on the upcoming weekend (not mine), and a special request for a few meat-and-potato-type meals. Happy to provide same. Will bake a cake, too! Fridge, freezer and pantry clean-out also continues.

Cooking for two adults in the PNW:

FRI: Peruvian chicken on the grill. Tex-Mex inspired Caesar salad.

SAT: With a nod to @mbcraw4d, pan-roasted chicken thighs ala Splendid Table. Mashed potatoes. Green veg TBD. KAF’s vanilla bundt cake topped with garden strawberries from the freezer.

SUN: Beef on the grill. Horseradish sauce. Leftover mashed potatoes. Green veg TBD. More cake.

MON: Old school tacos from leftover Peruvian chicken.

TUE: Burgers on the grill. Homemade ciabatta rolls. Pickled veg.

WED: Pan-fried halibut filet. Spuds of some sort. Veg TBD.

THUR: More tacos.


Hi, all! Cooking for 2 in Chattanooga, where our furnace has been out since Wednesday and we’re (well, DH is) still looking for the best solution…You’d think I’d be all about the hours-long oven braises, but not feeling that quite yet!
Breakfast: Baked apple pancakes
Saturday, January 28: Chicken provençal from Cook’s Country, maybe a gratin, cabbage and cauliflower salad
Sunday: Old-school shrimp curry from my mom’s recipe box, rice, homemade vanilla pudding
Monday: Tomato clafoutis; something green
Tuesday: scrounge
Wednesday: Pasta with kale pesto
Thursday: more scrounge
Friday: Spicy green beans and tofu

Stay warm and have a good week! Happy cooking!


Oh my, mbcrw4d! If you can do without a furnace for 3 days in January there, Tennessee is moving up on my “live somewhere South before I’m 70” relocation-destinations research list.


Let’s just say it’s survivable (with space heaters) but not very comfortable…


I just went to the supermarket yesterday with the following:

(1) live lobsters, boiled with garlic butter sauce, linguini.
(2) followed next meal with saute pork kidneys, veg,

(3) oyster omelet/pancake with veg and side

Next few days:

Heritage rock chicken:
breast will be poached with sauce
legs and wings will be grilled/bbq with Jamaican Jerk rub

Beef Tripe - will be braised

I think that’s it for the next week/4-days etc.

Oh. I might make a pear galette also


Delicious sounding week!


The cruciferous salad reminded me of a technique I’ve been wanting to try but had forgotten about (roast first, dress later), so thank you!

Savory clafoutis sounds so appealing!


There is one in Diana Henry’s From the Oven to the Table that I love. Tomatoes, olives, goat cheese - heavenly.


Actuals for Jan 23 week, cooking for 2 in MN where the great freezer-overstock clearing continues, slowly. Last Sunday’s crab quiche leftovers were great for lunches this week. My produce drawers and cereals cupboard are well stocked since I’ve had to make weekly Costco visits this month and can’t make that trip without doing at least some grocery shopping. I needed replacement eyeglasses: exam & place order, pickup and first fitting, go back for earpiece adjust, go back for nosepiece adjust and ended up returning the new ones and choosing a different frame/reordering so the reading portion of the progressive lens can be large enough. This week I made the mistake of selecting the new Taylors Farms Green Goddess bagged salad. Not sure what’s the in their “plant based” dressing but the only resemblance to “Green Goddess” dressing is the color.

Mon: Leftovers – lasagna, salad, baguette
Tues: Casserole using boxed stuffing, frozen mixed veggies and homemade “cream of chicken” sauce. Combined back of box recipe (cubed raw chicken breast, higher oven temp, less sour cream) with a Julia Pacheco recipe https://www.juliapacheco.com/zucchini-stuffing-chicken-casserole/ . Salad. Sapphire grapes.
Wed: Salmon, Sweet Potato, Apples/Grapes
Thurs: Shrimp corn chowder Soup, Savory rolls Bundt (half of the Rhodes frozen dough rolls were beyond “best by” date and didn’t rise well, but newer ones did, so overall it was good, just not fluffy)
Fri: baked cod in tomato curry sauce, Coconut Rice, Peas, Fresh orange slices
Sat: Cooked dried navy beans, preparing for Sunday soup. Dinner - Meatballs w/BBQ sauce (both commercial), over cheese grits from this Budget Bytes recipe, salad. Dessert – homemade oatmeal cookies ice cream sandwich
Sunday (today): Ham & navy bean soup, Kings Hawaiian rolls, fruit salad - apples, pears, grapes. Leftover soup will be lunches several days in the week ahead, too.


Oh my. :laughing: :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Sounds hideous.

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@tzigane and @MidwesternerTT I took the liberty of looking up the ingredients online and the two fiod items that stood out were dried basil and dried green onions. There seems to be a lot of artificial ingredients in it but I guess that’s standard for a lot of bottled salad dressings.


Thanks, @ottawaoperadiva. Bottled Kraft Green Goddess dressing includes dairy (sour cream, buttermilk), garlic and other spices. A standard homemade Green Goddess dressing includes sour cream, mayo (eggs) and anchovies so I now realize a “plant based” version is a huge stretch. And Taylor Farms missed it. Completely.


Just made it and it’s delicious–highly recommend!


To drag us even more off topic…

I saw this recipe and thought of you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: