Weekly Meal Planning - Sept - Dec 2019

I’m still digging those tortillas! I froze a few pkgs to no ill effect and have stopped buying other brands. They are so flavorful and well made.

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May be, but the filling of duck meat, cilantro, red onion, grilled corn, salsa verde and lime is what got my mouth watering.

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And Yes it was an outstanding combo repeated many x’s :yum:.
The duck fat tortilla heated beforehand makes it killer.

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One of my faves!

Clean sweep in prep for Wed cooking, Thurs feast.

Made a mini lasagna with sausage mushroom sauce to freeze
Roasted potatoes, carrots, four diff fall squash, assort mini peppers and parsnips for the deep freezer
Pan dried 4 cans of chickpeas in marsala spice then froze
Made loaves of garlic and cheese bread, wrapped and froze
Repackaged jarred olives and roasted red peppers for sauce at a later date
Made a lamb meatloaf sliced and wrapped for sandwiches at a later date.

Now that freezer is handled, we’ll use up the eggs, produce, cheese bits and grilled chicken for meals from now til Tues.

Ah the holidays.


Yes dear!! Its delicious

I went grocery shopping yesterday and had to meal-plan on the fly. We have a very busy week with starting pre-school and upping work hours, so I went with easy stuff. Only one new recipe.


Caramel salmon - yum!

Marsala meatballs sound really good too.

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Not much planning here, trying to use up fridge stuff before I leave (again) for the holidays.

General list of what I’ll be using this week, with preliminary ideas:

Whole peppers - stuffed with bulgur/kisr (last night, plus another meal).

Mushrooms - cooked down into duxelles and mixed with bulgur. Stuffing for something or patties on their own.

Cauliflower - finished. Rip in my tummy.

Salmon - haven’t had nobu/miso in a while. Else Bengali mustard/lemon/chilli.

Lamb loin chops - freeze or marinate in yogurt/ginger to grill later.

Fennel - roasted or a gratin. Roasted would use up more, faster. Maybe with the salmon.

Potatoes, sweet potatoes - too many at the moment - Indian rosti, mashed a la Ottolenghi with lemon/herb topping, spanish tortilla.


I would love details on this, or a similar recipe online?

Mix Coleman’s (I use powdered) with a glug of oil and a bit of lemon juice. Spread onto salmon with some salt. Lemon slices on top, and sliced green chillies (either on top or chopped into the paste).

Bake as is, or wrap in foil or parchment - tastes good either way, just slightly different.

You can also grind fresh mustard seeds - I don’t do it. Can also add some coconut into the paste - I don’t.

Found a pic.

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Many thanks!

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Hello! Any insight regarding the steamed root vegetables? I just came into a glut of parsnips, carrots, and leeks, and have been looking for new ways to prepare them.

I just grate them and steam them. Leftovers become a frittata for next day’s lunch.

We’ve just finalised the “menu” for Feasting Week:

23/12 - seafood risotto (a Delia Smith recipe), Panettonne “bread & butter” pudding, mascarpone (Jamie Oliver recipe

24/12 - potted shrimps, beef stew with port, Guiness & pickled walnuts (another Delia recipe), red cabbage, baked potato, Compotat de Nochebuena (Maria Jose Sevilla recipe)

25/12 - our turn to cook to cook the family lunch - turkey, chestnut stuffing, sage & onion stuffing, bread sauce, cranberry sauce, gravy, sausgaes, bacon rolls, roast spuds, sprouts, carrots, cheese, Christmas pudding, custard. Evening - ham, salad, coleslaw, bread, trifle

26/12 - steak, chips, salad, cheese, ice cream

27/12 - Another Delia recipe - leftovers pie, followed leftovers for dessert (there’s bound to be some trifle left)

28/12 - pakoras, fish curry (a Nigel Slater recipe)

29/12 - a well earned restaurant dinner


Simple enough, and sounds good- thanks!

Here’s what I want to make in the next week or so. Not sure how much of this will come to fruition, but I’ve at least already made the minestrone, and I’ve got the meatballs prepped for Marsala tonight.

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