Weber's new Summit charcoal grills.

Owned and loved the original Weber Performer grill for 17 years now, rebuilt twice but it’s time…
Released today from Weber…

I love my Weber. But this one is clearly a response to the big green egg. If you get one let us know!

Most definitely but hopefully not at BGE price points. Have yet to find a accurate suggested retail, 3k is just outrageous.

Looks like MSRP’s of $1999 or $2499…lets just say realistic price is $1000 or $1250…both cases more than a name brand ceramic cooker.

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and as I’ve gandered all over these pretty stainless things . . . .

why all the stainless - with made-in-China el-cheepist screws / nuts / bolts / ‘other’ components that will rust by next summer…? simple question, if they want $3k for the dang thing, why can’t they spend another $1.56 for stainless screws / fasteners?

now you understand why I still have my 1978 Sears aluminum clam shell charcoal grill. I replaced the nuts/bolts holding on the legs with stainless a long long long time ago.

but I do need new grates - the cast iron one I replaced 20 years ago - their replacements have about corroded away. do those aluminum finned grill grates last with no (mechanical) support - or do they sag and semi-melt away?

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I don’t know whether the aluminum grates sag or not.

Stainless steel comes in different qualities in terms of corrosion resistance & of course different thicknesses. Generally speaking I think you get what you pay for BUT:

Even if the selling price is 50% of the MSRP, it seems too high to me for what it is. With the exception of the double walls for smoking, a standard Weber kettle & a $15 chimney starter should do about the same thing.

At those prices a large ceramic cooker (ex BGE) does a great job smoking in any temperature, doubles as an oven in any temperature & when with vents opened full is a 1000 plus degree blast furnace for searing.

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Of course I can’t speak to this grill specifically - but Weber has never been the cheapest option when it comes to grills.

I am a loyal Weber buyer though (full disclosure) and I find their grills last longer than other grills I’ve owned, have more even heat, and their customer service has always been above and beyond.

I recently had my burner tubes corrode after owning my grill for maybe almost a decade - and they sent me replacements no charge. I was shocked. All based on my serial number, no receipt of purchase, never registered it … won me as a customer again.

I haven’t had a need for a BGE but brand wise this would be an option if I was. I’ll be curious about the reviews once it is in the market.

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Just an observation… that link is to a Canadian site, so US$ is more like $1500-$1900 MSRP. Still a lot more grill cost than most people really need IMHO.


I have a Weber charcoal grill and a gas one, but after getting a BGE last year I don’t look at the other two anymore.

I have a Weber gas grill that has to be 20 plus yrs old & its still going. Definitely much better than the average gas grill.

About 10 yrs ago I got a LG BGE…90% of outdoor cooking is done on the BGE…flavor from gas just can’t compare to lump charcoal.

Told DH about it just now and he launched an immediate web search for it, found it immediately. Last thing he said was “I should have one.”

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Not my husband- he wants one.

Look at the ceramic cookers before pulling the trigger.

Maybe I misread and assumed from the shape - it sounds like this is a ceramic (porcelain) lined grill? Maybe it isn’t, hard to tell from the one picture . . .

My “guess” is the outside is porcelain coated similar to a sink.

The ceramic cookers like BGE are usually proprietary ceramic thats an inch or more thick, like a kiln.

No ceramic but double walled stainless,supposedly the air pocket between grill layers will retain heat longer. In retrospect might be quite a chore to clean. I’m a sucker for the weber kettle but the Summit will have to be priced right before I pull the trigger.

This seems way overpriced for an enhanced Performer - which back in the day had a nice metal prep/table surface. Then they progressively cheapened it to plastic, etc. Not sure they would put rustables in, and I hope it is primarily American made. In any case, I might spend $700 for this (to upgrade my Performer), but not much more. What a weird marketing decision!

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