We love Cheese!

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One of my favourite thing about Christmas is all the cheese and of course the port to go along with it. Got my cheese for Christmas. I may have overdone it as their’s only 5 of us but hey we all love our cheese.

  1. Époisses
  2. Rosary Ash Goats Cheese
  3. Camembert De Normandie
  4. Gorgonzola
  5. Comté
  6. Roquefort
  7. Lincolnshire Poacher


Which is your favourite?

I have never tried nº 7.

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I haven’t found anything new or outstanding. The same stuff as last year and no Brillat Savarin.

Last few cheese boards.




These all look amazing! I’d love to try more, but I might be alone in my tasting. How do you store each of these? I bought a lot of wax paper sandwich bags for something that didn’t happen, and have been using them fairly successfully for many cheeses.


Me, glass storage box with an airtight lid, there is a thread on this:


Thank you! That’s what made me think of using the wax paper bags! But they seem so different than my vacuume bags. Those have been great for parmesean and MAYBE aged chedders. Maybe.

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Xmas purchases:

Butler’s Red Leicester, Blue Wensleydale, Blackstick’s Blue (all supermarket purchases)

And Mr Bourne should be at the farmers market on Sunday to sell me some of his mature Cheshire. I bought some at the beginning of the month, at another market, and that was dating to early February and had a great flavour. Whoever says Cheshire is a mild cheese, has never tasted farmhouse Cheshire.


Red Leicester is great stuff. We used to get it here in the states under the “Red Fox” brand (from Trader Joe’s), but that was a decade ago. Haven’t seen it since, although my daughter told me it’s available at Safeway in the Bay Area. We have Vons here in Las Vegas, which is supposed to be the same, but I haven’t found it there.


Some Mont d’or just before we left for our Christmas trip.

Sizes differences, the big one was for fondue.

I made a hole on the top of the “skin”, added white wine, minced garlic, covered the hole and heated the whole thing up in oven for 20 and more minutes.

Lovely with some apple wood smoked bacon, potatoes and bread.


That looks fantastic

The fat and carb police can sit this one out

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Only 5 days into a holiday I want to go home. Every time. Has to be a cheese producing country next time then. Here in Morocco they eat fresh goat’s or cow’s milk cheese. Haven’t seen anything else.

Cheese and butter (big yellow thing with a knife in it).

Cow’s milk fresh cheese.

Dairy shop in Fez sells fresh cheese, yogurt in bowls to be eaten standing, milk sold in plastic bags to go.

My milk and half a round of cheese. I paid 1.6 euros.

I drank half a litre of milk from plastic cup and the milk is not refrigerated, just stored in this bucket.

A typical Moroccan breakfast, (goat’s) cheese in right corner.

Another breakfast with my own (cow’s) cheese and olives.