We love Cheese!


Well if it tastes better, I’d have tried. But runny or not, the cheese is just bland, so I am just going to finish it and buy something better next time.


Thanks. Never really pair with wine when eating Comté… there is a good selection recommended.

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Partner said “I can’t find the soft cheeses”. Me: remained silent. “You ate it all?!”. Me: Mwahaha…
That was the soft cheeses last weekend. Long gone!

Just these 2 this weekend. The Brie de Meaux is rather nice. The centre is still a bit firm but the rest around it was melting fast. I couldn’t even pick it up from the board without scraping underneath. Threw out the receipt by accident, no idea who makes it. The sheep’s milk one is very creamy!


Now that the mediocre Camembert is gone, today I got a double cream cow’s milk Green Hill from Sweet Grass Dairy from Georgia in southern US, made in the style of Camembert. Much more successful. Especially satisfying paired with a great loaf of bread.


WOW! Cool to see that Sweetgrass is getting distribution.
Their Tomme is impressive.


I have had aged Comté! In Paris. Sadly, you can’t find it in the states. I believe I found my favorite one at Marie-Anne Cantin on my last visit - a four-year I think. I really need to get back to Europe soon!


Supermarket Carrefour Camembert from Normandy, AOP raw milk. Very ozzy! (partially, it’s because the fridge is defrozen, we just left the cheese on the worktop the whole night.)

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Love the printed box! And the ozzy cheese as well.

Check these ripe Paulinetoise I saw in Colmar. We went back later after looking around the market they were all removed. But where to?

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A new brie de meaux but not as good as the one last week. I keep trying.

I don’t normally like Italian cheese but this one is lovely. The centre shatters when the knife goes through it. Have to make a photo of the sign next time so I can look up more info.

Morbier again. It’s been a while.

Half of the Comté went into dinner. It’s old enough to develop some crystals. One of the cheeses I never get enough of.

Finally, the sun! (but didn’t stay for long… bastard!)


Any idea what is this cheese called? The texture looks like relatively young creamy cheese.

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I’ll make a photo of the sign next week.

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Bought this cheddar for burgers. Tasted great; nice and sharp, dry, and almost crumbly.
It was too tasty for last nights chicken veggie tacos, so we ended up noshing on it while cooking.

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Ate this on Christmas day. The SIL brought it over to Thailand when she visited for Christmas . It was pretty ripe by the time we ate it ( it was unrefrigerated for 6 days, 1 day on the flight from London to Bangkok, 2 days in a Bangkok hotel room, 1 day on a flight, a sweltering bus and then a boat and then spent 2 days in a beach shack). SIL declined but the missus and I hadn’t had decent cheese for a year and had the whole thing in 1 sitting with chilli crackers. It was delicious and no I’ll effects.

Safe to eat cheese left in garage?

That is actually a really good one .

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Agreed from the UK. I gave this a quick mention upthread (23 Jan), and I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks highly of it. Aldi recently opened near us, and we’re using it quite a lot, but their single Camembert offering is pretty ordinary. However, it’s also 99p a throw, rather than £2.00 ish for Rustique from other places, so it’ll do for everyday purposes. Aldi’s Gorgonzola and their Quicke’s cheddar are both terrific, and have price tags from 10 years ago!

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It’s horrible to abstain from cheese for any reason! During my weeks travelling in Albania and northern Greece there was only feta and that type of cheese and nothing else.

I get this every spring

This weekend:

Can’t recall the one from Loire (so creamy and soft), the rest I’ve had before and still like.


You broke the record! Really!

Due to the recent fridge breaking down, I put the Vieux Cantal (more than 30 months) in the garage temporary. But I forgot about it, so 3 weeks in the garage. But it is cool in the garage, I bet around 13-15ºC, nothing like parikaboy’s Thai heat doing to his camembert!

@Presunto I don’t think I know that cheese from Périgord, is it Le trappe d’Echourgnachow? How was it like?

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No, it’s not. I threw out the box yesterday.

But since you mentioned it I looked it up. Now I want it, too! (Groan!)


Also, I found the name of the Italian cheese from last week’s photo: Sampietrino del Mediterraneo, from Lombardia.


You do have a good cheese place, can’t complain.

Bought it back in December, the seller cut the cheese into 2 and put it in 2 sous vide bags.
He also gave us as a gift a cheap girolle to make the rosette ourselves.

Had to leave it from the fridge for at least 2 hours before degustation. Now I just leave it outside on the counter top and every time I go to the kitchen I just can’t help myself!

I bought the black one.

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Nice! It’s almost gone now.

What’s the black one? older? Though, the gold one has “reserve” on it.

I live in the wrong cheese country! When in a cheese shop or supermarket’s cheese section I take time to check it out. They are eager to help me but find out quickly I don’t need any help. I silently judge their cheese section. Within a couple of minutes they ask if I’m from some business because apparently I have the nerve to criticise their cheese section. LOL…