Want Some Patricia Wells Culinaria?

Wells is selling off a bunch of stuff from her house in Provence through a 3rd party seller.

Any PW fans who’d like to explore buying something can PM me for a link.

I’ve always admired Patricia Wells’ culinary work. Do you have any specific items from her collection that you’re eyeing?

No, there was nothing that spoke to me. Her copper I saw was not first-rate.

The presentation is of the whole home. So that is interesting. But it’s hard to tell all that’s for sale, and no prices are listed.

It is unfortunate that the copper quality did not meet expectations. Yeah, it’s always tricky when the prices aren’t listed upfront. Maybe they’re hoping for some good old-fashioned haggling.

Yeah, who knows? Maybe there’s a trove of better stuff she’s hanging onto. It may be the genterological version of the eternal “desert island pan” question.

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Here’s a link to the catalogue: https://catalog.chezpluie.com/at-home-with-patricia-wells/full-view.html?utm_source=Klaviyo&utm_medium=flow&_kx=6mJRo_zQO2MfOneBvtn6a141h_a9YMJ7g5DJrVhn-x8.VM3rh3

If you need a password, it’s “Provence”.

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