Walleye aka pickerel, goldeye, whitefish, lake perch and other lake fish recipes

Let’s start a dedicated thread.

These look interesting

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In my admittedly limited experience around the Great Lakes, hard to go wrong with perch. Though all others are a close second.

I grew up in the Midwest, and fish frys were fillets dredged in flour, then to an egg wash, then in saltine cracker crumbs.

Bluegill, bass (large- and small-mouth), crappie, muskie, pike, perch, catfish, and walleye, depending on the season.

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Grew up in S Milwaukee 5 blocks from lake Michigan. Surprising no one mentions coho. All of these, I just filet. I go egg and seasoned bread crumbs I make myself. Either deep or shallow fry. Important food source for us growing up. Back in the day, every fish fry was the choice of perch or walleye. Made me sick when cod entered the market, but people back in the 70s and 80s took way to many out of Michigan. Love whitefish, lake trout, German browns. Now, I’m 20 miles from the mighty Miss, and eat a lot of the same, save for coho and lake trout. Still eating the same stuff and don’t tire of it. Even do some ice fishing, which is calming and sublime.