Waffle Iron?

Anyone ever use one of the old-style cast iron models?

How old is “old”? Mine is circa 1850. The nibs are card suits (hearts, diamonds, etc.).

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That’s certainly old! I just wondered about any CI, non-electric, waffle iron. I have an aversion to more plug-in gadgets.

If you are asking because you have one, or are getting one, I think other peoples’ experiences are irrelevant. What kind of stove you have, and how hot/accurate the burners are, will make a huge difference, as will the recipe, how well your iron is seasoned, and how thick it is. You should be prepared to make a number of test batches before you achieve your Goldilocks waffle. Take notes. You may think you’ll remember, but when you forget, you’ll wish you had written things down!

Mine is a late 1800 or early 1900 Wagner waffle iron. Use it on a gas stove and after it is hot it takes approx 5 to 6 min to make a waffle.

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Saturday morning waffle’s

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Dang, you made me hungry. Waffles tomorrow!

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