Waffle fries

How do you make them? I mean straight from potatoes? Do you need a three axis mill and a drill press? Is there a tool? Can you make them with a knife?

See https://i.redd.it/o20dw2ncz2851.jpg . Don’t bother about the hot dogs. I know how to make those.

Google shows food processor blades. I have two food processors but the feed tubes seem small for a decent sized potato. A couple of leads for mandolin blades which make more sense to me. I’d love feed back that doesn’t include “Ore-Ida.” grin I know how to do that also.

More Google - any experience with something like this?


I make them on a mandolin. There is a blade (even on cheap plastic ones sometimes) that is a “wavy” patter. (Tried to make the pattern but doesn’t translate with my phone keyboard). . You slice the potato, rotate 45 degrees plus or minus and slice again and it creates the waffle.


Seconding Thimes post… I’ve never wanted to be able to make them badly enough to hunt for a less expensive mandoline that can do it (my Japanese Benriners can’t), but that was the (basically) one thing that did have me considering a big, heavy-duty Matfer or Borner mandoline at one point (long, long ago…) At one point I did pick up one of these wavy “knives” locally (for a couple of $$ in Chinatown), but never got around to trying to make waffle fries with it (and/mostly because I thought it would be way more of a PITA than it would be worth…)

I don’t know if all these V-type slicers can actually make them, but this Amazon search came up on a quick Google search(NVM, the damned page won’t link, so search Amazon for “waffle fry cutter” without the quotation marks), as did Borner’s dedicated Waffle Cutter (for $20).

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I have an old Bridgeport that’s my go-to for waffle fries… The cutting oil adds a certain thing to the flavor profile.