Virtual classes from King Arthur Baking

King Arthur has a schedule of upcoming virtual classes.

Has anyone ever taken one of these? Most classes seem to be in the $40 to $55 range, so I might give one a try.

(A couple classes were listed at $250 when I looked, so those would be a hard pass for me if that price is correct. Too steep in my book even if those virtual classes deliver interaction as described.)

All price ranges, including free vetted by Spruce Eats.

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Thanks for this tip! Overall I find The Spruce useful for me so I look forward to exploring this list of classes.

P.S. By trial and error, also I‘ve found The Spruce to be useful for stain removal tips of various kinds. Like using Dawn dish detergent and hydrogen peroxide to coax a red wine stain out of a tablecloth.

Yeah, I’m a fan of their resourcefulness. My gateway was the tips for sourdough starter last year when I started making my own.

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