View from the Kitchen Window

One of my all-time favorite threads on Chowhound was on this very topic. I loved the glimpses into everyone’s lives!

So here’s what I see when I look out my kitchen window:

Across the driveway, beyond the white fence, is a churchyard.

We have bird and squirrel feeders, plus bird baths and water bowls, and we scatter grains and seeds for the ground-eating birds, along with fruits and unshelled nuts. As we have no air conditioning, we keep the windows open, which means the kitchen is filled with bird songs, squirrel vocalizations, and other delightful sounds (and that tamps down the road noise).

I have a bunch of herbs planted outside the windows, so there’s those scents, especially when it rains. (I no longer cook with those herbs as we have a couple of feral cats who mark them - you can see one of them in this photo - that’s Emile.)

What do you see when you look out your kitchen window?


I love this idea. When I figure out how to post pics from my phone I’ll contribute.
We have an urban deer family that’s taken up residence here.
I’ve been a Ruth Orkin fan forever, and am always intrigued by various takes on a theme.


I also LOVED this Chowhound topic, and now that we have merged CH and HO into one big blended family, I’d like to BUMP this thread and ask people to share their views again here. I’ll start. I have 2 windows in my kitchen, facing 2 directions. Here is the view from both (standing outside, in front of each, to avoid glare). In one direction is town and bay. There’s a big deck with some furniture, and it’s great for good weather dining/entertaining if we can manage the wasp/yellowjacket situation. In the other direction is a big wooded side yard where we are attempting to grow garden-y things. We had to deer-proof our first garden beds until we deer proofed our whole yard a few years later. Our house is built into a hill so the kitchen is on the upper floor and we are looking down and outward. So… no closeups of anything, because it’s not what we see from the kitchen window!



Ideal time of year here to peek out of the kitchen window, @Sasha. Flowering trees and lilac are happening.


Yes, that’s a clothesline pole in the photo. Drying clothes outdoors doesn’t play well with my allergies so we really should remove that pole.


Gorgeous. We have all the flowering trees out and about now too - love them!


It’s posing for you!

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Of course my kitchen window doesn’t have the glorious mountain and water view you see from yours. Swoon. :star_struck:


I dreamed of a water view for the first half of my life. Telecommuting made it possible. Big city salary, smaller town real estate prices. Not that it’s cheap around here, mind. We get a lot of CA retirees who jack up the market rate due to low inventory. ETA it wasn’t telecom the whole time. First 8 yrs of my 10 yr now job, I was coming home on the weekends…City apt during the week.


Same! We have one now, sort of - we live on the Hudson River, across from the Palisades. Unfortunately trees block most of the water view from the porch, but we have a lovely view from the third floor. We’ve decided our next house needs swimmable water access, though - having it right there but not accessible is such a tease!


Here’s mine - my kitchen overlooks my backyard. Since we are built into an unmowable hill, I turned the whole thing into a garden. We’re in a bit of a bloom lull right now, but once the roses and hydrangeas get started it’s pretty spectacular.


I love it!!!
Looking forward to an updated picture once they are in bloom.


I love the green though. A bright vibrant green is a lovely color, and speaks to how happy your plants are.

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Excellent thread and nice pictures! No kitchen window here. :sob:


Same here. I have a galley kitchen open on both sides to my dining room and my living room, so I can at least step into the LR and see out on the deck. But NOTHING as beautiful as some of these pictures!


A wet day in May and a Jay.


Late May afternoon in the country,


View from the kitchen window on a rainy afternoon. Our garden is highly shaded, which is good in a hot climate but not great for gardening so I intersperse what I can where we can.
The green bushes on the left are azaleas that were ablaze with blooms a few weeks ago. Gardenias behind that are just starting to flower. Behind that is a herb bed with parsley, basil, thyme, oregano. I have never succeeded in growing cilantro.
The pots you can see on the deck have rosemary, chives, peppers, and some perennials. The deer pot has purslane, and mint in another pot behind that.
Imagine this deck on a sunny day, with a colorful umbrella, sprogs relaxing on the chair, and dogues 1 and 2 scuffling around.


I am. Sounds amazing! Except for the dogues; dogs? If so, auto correct is out of control!

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Hahaha! The dogs often behave like rogues, so dogues.

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