View from the Kitchen Window

Mine has a big overgrown overhanging rose bush that occasionally has a blossom or two that I can almost reach out and touch from the window.



@mariacarmen’s recent trip to Ashland OR reminded to post here. Why? Because my kitchen sink window looks directly out onto another house (we live in a densely populated town). My view used to be of my lovely darling neighbor at her kitchen sink. We used to wave at each other while cooking (she was a cook extraordinaire along with being a world-class musician and one of the finest human beings I’ve been honored to know). She was from Ashland and used to tell me and B how much we would love it there. She died at the height of the pandemic from an aggressive lymphoma.

Everyday I look out my kitchen window, I don’t see another house…I think of her.

I miss the view from my kitchen window.


Update to my view now that the roses are blooming:


Swoon! :heart_eyes:

what a lovely, bittersweet memory! thank you for sharing it…

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Looks like s/he means business. Might want to have a worm or two handy next time s/he stops by. I think I know dat robin!!

Those little guys are fat and happy this spring. Lots of good rains.

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Some birds continuously hurl themselves at windows on that side of our house in the spring. Apparently they see their own reflections and think they are seeing an interloper.

We have tried so many things.

Birds attacking windows