Various Dollar stores - Dollar Tree, 99 Cents Only, Dollar General

Dollar Tree has over 15,000 stores in the U.S. and 99 Cents Only has about 350 stores. Dollar General has almost 15,000. I frequently shop at a nearby 99 Cents Only in Northern California and it is stocked regularly with fresh produce, and usually with organic canned goods, organic dairy or organic plant-based refrigerated items. I did not see fresh produce at my nearest Dollar Tree.

The heavy discounts seem to be driven by manufacturer oversupply or by merchandise that has a rapidly approaching Best By date.

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I’m a huge 99 cents store fan, have been for years. I am in Los Angeles and have noted that some locations are better than others, at least to my taste : )

One of my favs is a bit far from my house but when I am in the area, I always check it out. I’ve gotten 32 packs of TortillaLand fresh tortillas for $1, Giant mangoes, great berries and recently? Big boxes of Ritz crackers, over a pound each for 99¢. When I see deals like that I always grab two - one to have, one to surprise a friend with.


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Love the various dollar stores too, but haven’t shopped them enough to have a favorite. There’s not one in my town, so it’s either a toll trip, or a 30 minute or so drive up the road to go to one. Hope it changes soon, and we get a store. Lots of great stuff.


Oh heavens! If you have to drive that far, not worth it. But for me, there are ones 15 minutes from me or, right by where I have regular appointments. So it’s easy to swing by and check them out.

If I had to drive thirty minutes just to see? I’d be very sad if it was an off day. Then again? The NorCal Grocery Outlets get way better pickings then us Socal folks. So maybe it evens out! :grin::yum:

@Happybaker - love Grocery Outlet up here, but haven’t compared to other areas. It’s a toll trip too, so I wind up not going. TJ’s as well. Went more often when kids were growing up. Stock up at TJ’s every now and then, thankfully we do have a Costco and Target locally. HomeGoods also, which is fun, but I need to not go there. Too tempting.

The Dollar Tree about a mile from us has been a Godsend, and a treat to shop. They had toilet paper & tissue & paper towels during the run up to the Pandemic, when the huge grocery chains had nothing. In two half aisles they have a more diverse selection of greeting cards–50 cents and $1, than any branded card store. Need Reading Glasses? They stock six different strengths. $1.

Soda? Sweet Tea? One, or two litre bottles. $1. You bake? Or oven cook? Foil containers $1. Or two for a dollar. Salty or savory snacks, $1. Toothpaste, deodorant, aspirin, (national brands), $1.

The Dollar Tree I shop upped its game in their refrigerated goods and freezer. Boxed Cheeseburgers, $1. (Tyson Foods subsidiary). Beef is the first ingredient listed on the box.

Too many other “buys” to recall for this post. I’m a fan.


I’ve read too, they’re a great place to buy spices, because so cheap there’s an extremely rapid turnover. Have been happy with them when traveling, or 1-2 month stays elsewhere in the winter.


Not sure how this thread got past me the first time around. I like the Dollar Tree too. Disposable foil pans, non-stick bread pans, cookie sheets and other assorted size pans. At that price if they wear out you throw them out.

Party supplies, paper clips and everything else you could possibly need. I do keep an eye on the snacks though. A lot of that stuff comes from China. My husband picked up some “pink sea salt from the Himalayan region” and that powdery black pepper is scary.:slightly_smiling_face:

OTOH - those solar in ground lights are still going strong.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold