Vacuum sealer recommendations

Hi folks! Looking for recommendations for a home vacuum sealer for use with the freezer and sous vide circulator. Hoping for $250 or less. We have something cheap that isn’t working well… (is at home or I would specify).

I had a very basic FoodSaver for over 20 years and the vacuum finally died. I replaced it with a newer version last year and have been pleased. I use it for freezing, SV, marinading and dry storage.

I caught it on sale for about $50 less.


We bought an excellent model a couple of years ago for about $90, so I’m sure you can get something good for much less than $250.

Possibly not exactly the kind of advise you looking for, but for what it is worth I was also looking for a vacuum sealer for freezing foods, and I later found that water displacing air method is almost as good. May or may not work for you.

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I don’t think I can find a Foodsaver with this price here.

Lately I discovered my 12 year old FS acting strangely, sometimes not able to seal anymore (sometimes it can), maybe it is the problem of dust?! Vacuuming part is alright, actually I mostly used it for containers now. A bit disappointed, as I am not an intensive user, only a few times a year.

Check the gasket around the drip tray for breaks or other damage, a leaky gasket could cause the issues you’re experiencing. Some models have non-replaceable gaskets (3000, 4000, 5000 series) but many have inexpensive foam gaskets that can easily be removed and replaced as needed.

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My Foodsaver has provided yeoman service in tough circumstances for ten years. I use it at sea in small boats. It just keeps working. My recommendation is to go for robust with the minimum features. You’d like a couple of vacuum settings (so you can seal wet things) and the ability to just seal without vacuum so you can use rolls.

Anything based on Ziploc and similar self-sealing bags are fine for freezing although the seal will leak with time. They are not okay for cooking, including sous-vide. The manufacturers specifically warn against such use.

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+1 on this. The foam seal (gasket) on the Foodsaver does fail over time, as noted earlier on this thread. Provided that the model you pick has a replaceable seal, you should be good to go.

True confession: I have even used my Foodsaver to compress packets of clothing to fit in my carry on luggage. First I made sure that the machine was pristinely clean, of course!

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If we combine ours then we have a working model! My old one seals great.

Costco’s regular prices are similar to other businesses sale prices. When Costco has an item on sale it is really hard to beat. I love, love, love my Costco!

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Thanks, everyone. I ended up ordering the Nesco VS-12, which is well reviewed:

Good! Let us know what you think after using it.

I picked one up from Costco when we rejoined several years ago. Worked well for 6 yrs or so then the plastic strip over the heat strip got loose. I contacted Jarden and they sent me a new one, no charge

I’ve been toying with the idea of a chamber vac but the FS does most everything I need and is light weight and doesn’t take up much space so I’m still using it

I got mine cheap at a discount store. Try looking on Craigslist? has good prices on bags.

I’m in the market for a new one, so I’m bumping this for updates. Wouldn’t you know one of them quit a few days before Thanksgiving, and my “back up” didn’t work either. I have had it for many years, and have replaced the sealing strip more than once, but the wire in the Drip tray is broken and there doesn’t seem to be a replacement available for this model (3800)

I also have a Vacuvita that takes up too much space, but I’ve kept it around for the zipper bag and container functions. It also makes a very impressive bread box, but we don’t use it that way much…

Come to find out the newest Foodsavers also have the zipper bags! Are those easy to use? The one on the Vacuvita is kind of fussy.

It’s much better than our old one - way more powerful. Good upgrade.

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Are the bags for it easy to find? I know - late to the party!!

I bought this one from zwilling.

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How do you like it?

Obviously it won’t hold a loaf of bread but it is WAY smaller, and seems easier for containers and re-usable bags than my Vacuvita. I also just bought a much smaller version of the ones that seal the bag as well.

Well, my Foodsaver finally died. I had been looking for a chamber sealer, but reviews were iffy, and I did not need an industrial model. I bought one of the new Anova precision chamber sealers: I am impressed that their bags are made from recycled ocean bound plastic, and it has a two year warranty. It did not seem to seal quite as tightly as my Foodsaver, but for sous vide it was fine, and I am sure it would be fine for freezer storage.
Operation was easy and intuitive. Cons: Note: I am an analog guy , still driving an old Etype. I would like more adjustability on the degree of vacuum. I would have liked a slightly deeper chamber, but in reality, I am not sure I need it.
Overall favorable first impression, I will follow up later.

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