Vacuum sealer recommendations

(ChristinaM) #1

Hi folks! Looking for recommendations for a home vacuum sealer for use with the freezer and sous vide circulator. Hoping for $250 or less. We have something cheap that isn’t working well… (is at home or I would specify).


I had a very basic FoodSaver for over 20 years and the vacuum finally died. I replaced it with a newer version last year and have been pleased. I use it for freezing, SV, marinading and dry storage.

I caught it on sale for about $50 less.


We bought an excellent model a couple of years ago for about $90, so I’m sure you can get something good for much less than $250.

(For the Horde!) #4

Possibly not exactly the kind of advise you looking for, but for what it is worth I was also looking for a vacuum sealer for freezing foods, and I later found that water displacing air method is almost as good. May or may not work for you.


I don’t think I can find a Foodsaver with this price here.

Lately I discovered my 12 year old FS acting strangely, sometimes not able to seal anymore (sometimes it can), maybe it is the problem of dust?! Vacuuming part is alright, actually I mostly used it for containers now. A bit disappointed, as I am not an intensive user, only a few times a year.

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Check the gasket around the drip tray for breaks or other damage, a leaky gasket could cause the issues you’re experiencing. Some models have non-replaceable gaskets (3000, 4000, 5000 series) but many have inexpensive foam gaskets that can easily be removed and replaced as needed.

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My Foodsaver has provided yeoman service in tough circumstances for ten years. I use it at sea in small boats. It just keeps working. My recommendation is to go for robust with the minimum features. You’d like a couple of vacuum settings (so you can seal wet things) and the ability to just seal without vacuum so you can use rolls.

Anything based on Ziploc and similar self-sealing bags are fine for freezing although the seal will leak with time. They are not okay for cooking, including sous-vide. The manufacturers specifically warn against such use.

(Denise) #8

+1 on this. The foam seal (gasket) on the Foodsaver does fail over time, as noted earlier on this thread. Provided that the model you pick has a replaceable seal, you should be good to go.

True confession: I have even used my Foodsaver to compress packets of clothing to fit in my carry on luggage. First I made sure that the machine was pristinely clean, of course!


If we combine ours then we have a working model! My old one seals great.

Costco’s regular prices are similar to other businesses sale prices. When Costco has an item on sale it is really hard to beat. I love, love, love my Costco!

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Thanks, everyone. I ended up ordering the Nesco VS-12, which is well reviewed:


Good! Let us know what you think after using it.


I picked one up from Costco when we rejoined several years ago. Worked well for 6 yrs or so then the plastic strip over the heat strip got loose. I contacted Jarden and they sent me a new one, no charge

I’ve been toying with the idea of a chamber vac but the FS does most everything I need and is light weight and doesn’t take up much space so I’m still using it


I got mine cheap at a discount store. Try looking on Craigslist? has good prices on bags.