Using your Cuisinart Steam Convection Oven

Okay. On another forum on a different planet, everyone seemed to be cooking daily in their CSCO. So I finally bought one. But I think I waited too long. While a kind fellow poster sent me loads of info and good ideas, I can’t get started using it. Any help here? It seemed like the ideal vehicle for small portions for 2 people.

I read that forum too pilgrim; I just got my CSO a week ago and haven’t used although DH has made toast. I’m going to read the manual that came with it as well as go to the start of the thread on the other site. Tons of info there. Will let you know what works for me.

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The machine is a great little multitasker.

We use almost daily for toast and the convection oven. Where it really comes into it’s own is the steaming function. I steam whole Pompano, or various fish cuts often. No need to break out the steaming pot/apparatus. No extra pot cleaning after.

I understand the steam bake function works well to keep bakery goods moist, but we’re not bakers.

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