Using "fresh" garlic

Beautiful garlic. It’s starting to come into the farmer’s markets and it’s so much better - like yours!

And it’s powerful stuff. I lugged my window fan out of the closet today and set it up to suck air out of the kitchen. Because between the heat and that garlic…yikes! I’m surprised there’s still paint on the walls.


Yes. When I got some at a local farm stand she told me not to put the unpeeled garlic down on my granite - it will stain it! It’s really good though!

Did everyone read this??? I “inspired” someone!!!


I can’t tell from the photo what is referred to as the “garlic membrane”. Looks like the husk/paper from the cloves. Is that right? I’m ready to pull the garlic from our garden tomorrow.

The “membrane” is more like a moist husk than dry paper covering on the fresh garlic I’ve been getting.


But it is that covering?

Thank you

Made a pot of gravy today, here is the result of the processed elephant garlic.

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Honghe Hani Rice Terraces, Yuanyang County, Yunnan
Credit: inkelv1122, Flickr