Using air fryer liners

I was given a previously used air fryer along with some liners. Haven’t used it yet,

It’s a power air fryer elite. It has spots of rustiness on the pull out drawer bottom as well as below the drawer, so I’m guessing it’s not non-stick?? What would be the best way to clean that up?

About those Allun liners. I need to clear up what I believe may my misconception of how the air fryer operates. The drawer bottom has holes, like a crisscross grid, so I assumed that was for air to circulate around all food surfaces, but these paper liners are solid on the bottom surface.

It also says they are easy to clean? Does that mean “disposable”?

Steel wool/scrubber, maybe?

Bingo. They defeat the point.

Found this amusing.

I tried the paper liner once when I first got the air fryer. I found bits of blackened paper flying around inside. Seemed like a messy hazard.


I’d scour off the rust and oil up the basket. I tried parchment paper but am basically too lazy to bother most of the time. If you want to use a liner, I’d go for something like this with perforations:

I started out with the liners but found them unhelpful overall so stopped using them. On my machine the grate at the bottom of the drawer is removable, so I just clean that and the drawer when it needs it.

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I use paper liners all the time without a problem. They do need to be weighted down, either with enough food, strategically placed, or I use a screen -like silicone thing (see photo).

You cannot preheat an air fryer with a parchment liner in it all by itself - the airflow will blow it right into the heating element - and it will catch on fire.
There are also perforated parchment liners available.


ok, I definitely get the point. Not exactly as advertised. KInda like a crispy microwave?

That’s was my initial impression. I wanted to learn more about it, but I didn’t necessarily foresee creating five course meals with it. I just thought it would offer a fast way to do simple tasks, and create/maintain texture, i.e. more quickly reheating those oven roasted potatoes that would take much longer in the toaster oven.

Bottom line for me, what’s the best way to use it with the least amour of effort? Not the least of which is how do we minimize the muss and fuss of cleanup.

What do you think about some Non Stick Silicone Mesh Dehydrator Sheets I have for the basket, and a oven liner for the area below the basket?

How about the best way to prevent more rust in that environment?

How about using a trivet, like the one from an instant pot?

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I’m wondering if this didn’t have more to do with prior cleaning practices, specifically, leaving the metal wet after washing or steaming up in a dishwasher? It’s on the removable parts, right?

That article I shared was a little too categorical and emphatic IMO, but it entertained. I definitely see where unitask appliances can be preferable/easier cleanup/more energy efficient than the oven/stove. See also: Instant Pot.

Worth a try. What do you have to lose except maybe some optimal french fry crispiness?:nerd_face: