Using a KitchenAid Mixer Overseas

We just moved to Singapore from the US and I was so stressed about everything I never stopped to consider whether it was a good idea to bring my trusty mixer with us. The KitchenAid website recommends against using a power converter with the mixer, and doing so does void the warranty, but I’m wondering if anyone has done it and had their mixer survive? I bought the mixer in 2003 with my tiny inheritance from my grandmother, who was an utterly amazing cook and baker, and I would be so sad if it died but on the other hand a girl has got to cook and bake and carry on, hasn’t she?

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I did it. Took my KA and ran it off of a proper transformer for 5 years with no ill effects. It needs the big one…don’t even think about using a travel converter. Its about 6" wide and 4" high and weighs about 6 pounds.

This bad boy lived in my kitchen:


Thank you!

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One of my friends moved to London “temporarily for work” and didn’t want to buy any appliances, so she got a giant transformer like the one @Sunshine842 pictured and used all her US appliances on it. (She still lives there, two decades later, and I have never asked what happened to the American appliances.)

The only consideration is what the cost of the transformer plus potential future damage to your KA for sentimental reasons, vs buying a local brand (which in Asia is already a lot cheaper).

In Europe KA are crazy expensive…so the cost of the transformer was an easy solution. It was a new KA no matter what if the transformer didn’t work.

I blew out a hand mixer (but it was old so dont know if it was voltage or just old) so replaced it locally, along with other small appliances that we found we “needed”