Uses for merlot salt

I was gifted merlot salt. Any recommended uses? I imagine it would be good on steak or lamb but I’m out of other ideas.

Definitely a finishing salt. Meats, grilled or roasted vegetables, etc. I know you’re not a big carb eater but it could be quite interesting baked onto bread, crackers or bagels. You could work some into unsalted butter for spreading, or add it to melted butter for dipping. Popcorn? Potato (or veggie) chips?

Ooh I love the dipping sauce idea. I’m having shrimp tomorrow night it could perhaps pair well with that, planned to just saute in garlic ghee. I do enjoy popcorn every weekend (one of the few carb foods I truly love!). I’m curious how it would fare in a salad dressing, perhaps an herby dressing.

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Very well. This is what I use in my homemade mayonnaise and ranch-style dressing. I love it as a finish to any grilled meat or fish, or roasted vegetables.

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Just thought of another use that was particularly special. I call them salmon rollups… I buy some commercial smoked salmon and make a mixture of goat cheese with herbs, sometimes a bit of cream to make it creamier, and spread this mixture on the laid out salmon. Roll it up, and then cut them into 1"-2" pieces. Stand them so the roll is now visible. Place on a round of cut cucumber and top with just a bit of the salt and some of the herbs used in the cheese. I like to include dill for the flavor, and it does look pretty on top.

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Ooh mayo, sounds great!

Just substitute for equal amount of salt?

What kind of salt do you usually use?

Just regular kosher, diamond

Start with half the amount then. Same by weight.

Thanks! Dinner tonight.