Uses for medjool dates

I just noticed that I still have some dates that I bought last year at Costco. They are still delicious, and have the pit in them. I want to use them up before I buy a new batch this winter. What are some favorite recipes you have for them?

Sticky pudding
Date nut bread
Stuffed with goat cheese
Braised with pork and port

Ha! I ate them when I was pregnant because I read something about how they are supposed to make labor easier. I don’t have a lot to compare to since that was the only time I went into labor ha!

I had a lot left over and used them as the sweetener for granola bars.

Besides eating them straight up I like stuffing them with almond paste (when the paste is in season, ie December). But apparently many people don’t like almond paste or mazipan.


Chopped up In steel cut oatmeal (dropped in near the end of cooking time).

Homemade granola.

Afternoon snack.

Stuffed with almond and goat or blue cheese, wrapped in bacon or prosciutto, then baked and drizzled with balsamic vinegar (the really good $$$ stuff.)

When they get too soft or dry:

sugar substitute in whole grain blueberry muffins
add a few to banana “ice-cream” (frozen bananas blended in blender)


Lamb Tagine Moroccan Cuisine … Boneless Lamb, parsley, onion, cilantro (optional), saffron threads, dates, honey, wáter or broth from Lamb stock, and almonds.

Farka = Sweet Couscous with dates, almonds blanched, pistachios, pinenuts and hazelnuts …



Like the idea of date nut bread !!

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Expanding on the goat/blue cheese thing, I make a pizza with dates, cheese, caramelized onion and bacon (+arugula). It’s a great combo on just about anything!


Stuff with walnuts and roll in sugar. My grandmother used to make these as a Chanukah treat.

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I love cocoa “truffles” made using dates and almonds.

Just cocoa, dates, and almonds (or almond meal) in the food processor till completely processed. Roll into tbsp size balls, roll in cocoa.

You can vary the flavors - skip cocoa, add dried blueberries / cranberries / raisins, flax seeds, other nuts, lemon zest, etc.

I used Soom date syrup and cut down on labor without sacrificing taste or moistness.

using this recipe:

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Good stuff with dozens of uses. As a customer, I recommend, it’s another honey sub too.