"Unread" - not working consistently

In the last few days, some topics to which I’ve contributed are not appearing in my “unread” list when new posts are made. Most are - but some are not (for example, “What’s for Dinner” isn’t).

Is there an odd glitch or have I somehow managed to set “Whats for Dinner” not to appear in the unreads?

I’ve seen this for a long time and in fact opened a topic to discuss it. The page header will say I have three unread topics, but they disappear when I click. The opposite happens as well, no notification but when I click anyway there are new unread topics in the list.

Which threads are causing the issues?

It seems random., unfortunately.

I filed a bug report and see if anyone else is aware of what the issue is.

First response from another user: ‘Yes, it’s been a known problem for a long time, and there are other threads in which it has been discussed.’

So I guess that translates to- it won’t be fixed any time soon by the developers…?

Two of the forum software developers commented- its not the same problem the user commented on earlier. One of the developer said he knew about it, and he’ll take care of it at some point, but its a difficult problem because its hard to duplicate.