"Unread" numbers incorrect

I pretty frequently see a number of posts next to the Unread button, but most of the time when I click it there are no unread posts. Other times, it will say, for example 2 Unread, but when I push the button five or six will show up. This doesn’t seem to happen on the other board that uses this software.

I need they are counting threads with unread posts.

Treating the numbers as threads, is it still wrong?

Yes, that’s what I meant. I interpret it as counting the number of new-post topics that I’ve already started reading or have posted in, and it’s wrong more than half the time.

Mine was correct just now when I counted. I will keep an eye on it also going forward.

I went into your account and unread said 1, which showed this thread. When the number is wrong, please send a note and let me know what you see (and try not to change the count for an hour or two) so i can go into your account and look.

Does anyone else encounter this?

Just now, the Unread link on the main page listed two topics. When I clicked, there were about seven links. Of those links, most of them claimed I had unread posts going back a long time, when I have in fact read them. I have a tracking-cookie blocker in place, and I wonder if that’s the problem.

Hmmph. Odd. I am seeing this when I looked into your account:

That’s not what you are seeing now?

I just got back from lunch, and it said 2 Unread, but when I clicked it turned out to be three.

This isn’t that big a deal, especially if others aren’t experiencing it.

The same problem popped up on Food Talk Central, so it’s not just this installation of the software.

and, this software apparently operates in “ueber real time”

in the milli-micro-nano seconds between when you logged on and somebody posted something on your “unread” list, you see the count as of when you logged on, but not as of “right-cotton-picking now”

just reading the “latest” list - (almost) whenever I ‘click back’ it takes me not to where I was on the list, but at the ‘top’ of the ‘lastest’ list. then you have to scroll down pages-pages-pages-pages to get back to where you were reading.

it’s new software. isn’t all that user friendly, but definitely more user friendly that the mods at the ex - c…com

I think there is 5-10 minutes “lag” between a person posting and the post appears public on the new article list (homepage). NB the post is created realtime. I don’t know if that’s intentional cooling period if you want to delete or edit your own post.

not my experience.

and this software most definitely does not provide a “static latest” view per logon.

the “lag” may be just the period in which the poster can edit a message without the “edited” notation.

more smarter software does not do a blind time frame. if anyone has read the message, the edit is annotated as “edited” - if no one has ‘read’ the message - whether that is mini-micro-seconds or months, the OP’s ‘edit’ is not shown as an ‘edit’

Okay, I re read your post first post, I get what you mean now. thx.

I guess the creator of the software should read your post to fix this.

this happens to me all the time - but I’m normally accessing the site via my iPhone.

For me it is some sort of “cookie” issue I think. Even when the site appears to load (visually), if I actually press the refresh button those numbers will change. After I click the refresh they have been correct. So my guess is something in cookies or in the cache that is causing the errors for me.