Universal knife storage block

I’m planning to replace my ancient space-hogging wooden knife block. Kuhn Rikon has a rectangular universal one that looks interesting and gets good reviews. Has anyone used one? My knives aren’t anything out of the ordinary, so I’m assuming it would work. Here’s a picture. Thanks.


I have not used one. I looked it up. Maximum knife length is 8" - two of my knives and my hone are a good bit longer than that. If you have shelves or cabinets over your counter you probably can’t keep the block under them as there won’t be vertical clearance to get knives in and out. Their “protects the edge” mantra only works if you are religious about having the knife entirely vertical on insertion and removal.

Comes apart for cleaning which is nice.

Thanks for your thoughts. I have mixed feelings. i’m just so tired of that big clunky wooden block!

I quite like my wooden block, but what I like is not the point, is it? It’s what you like. Here are some other ideas:

  • some people quite like magnetic rails. They are secure, easy to clean, and generally out of the way. You can knock a knife off if you bump into it with something - the risk is something only you can assess.
  • there are knife blocks that hang beneath cabinets. Some hinge down, some swivel, some just hang there. Definitely out of the way.
  • if you have Corian or similar or laminate counter tops you can route slots that allow knives to sit vertically beyond drawers or cabinets. Pretty easy to clean with pipe cleaners. You’ll need to think about deep cleaning from underneath and where big spills on the counter would go.

That’s all that comes to mind.

See how cleverly I avoided trying to talk you into your wooden knife block? grin

We recently bought this storage case:

It stores every knife we own except for the butter and steak knives we have. Two drawbacks, even when closed its huge–would require its own space on a kitchen dolly; knives go into the pockets handle first, so much attention must be paid when removing them from the case.

Would I recommend this? Um, for knife storage, yes. For practicality? Probably not.

Nice try…But we’ve had this knife block for over 30 years, so if I were going to like it, I would have by now! I got tired of thinking about the whole issue and ended up ordering this Fiesta one: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00OMZBADK/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
It goes better with my decor than the ones that are black and clear plastic. I’ll report back…

As discussed, your posted block is a nice and simple concept. Basically, a lot of slot and allowing any knife (not longer than 8 inch and not wider than 2.5 inch). Do you think you will have many knives outside of these dimensions? What about magnetic block (not magnetic rod)?

Ah, now I see your final post. Those are interesting. They can adapt to most knives. The issue to look out for is the overall side and also breaking rods overtime. Make sure you clean your knives really well after each use though because once you stick your dirty knives in there, the dirt will stay in and difficult to get out.

The Fiesta one looks like it will take longer knives than the Kuhn-Rikon. I like the bristles.

I hope it works out for you.

I have the big clunky wood model and thought I hated it! Got the magnetic strips…went back to the old wood one.

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The Fiesta knife holder arrived today. It is well-made and feels sturdy. Looks great on the counter. I currently have 6 various-sized knives in it, and there’s plenty of room. I’m hoping it works out.

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No worries about dirty knives here. My late FIL had a knife-sharpening business and trained me to ALWAYS clean my knives and dry them before I put them away.

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My daughter gave me a wall-mounted knife rack, and of all the items in my kitchen, that’s the most heavily used of all. I’ve used the counter top knife block, but they’re clumsy and take up too much counter space. I’ll take a magnetic wall-mount any day as it’s just so handy.