United Dumplings [San Francisco, Bernal Heights]

We had lunch on a warm Sunday at United Dumplings, a restaurant in Bernal Heights featuring both traditional and non-traditional Chinese dumplings, noodles, and other dishes. The owners also own Beijing Restaurant. Eater blurb about it:

We had:

Grandma’s Pork Dumplings (8) ($10.95)
Ground pork and Napa cabbage.
Very good pork and cabbage dumplings with medium thick wrappers. Would definitely get these again.

Crunchy Shrimp Toast ($12.95)
Savory Chinese donut with baby shrimp and creamy sauce, crunchy, flaky and sumptuous.
This was fine. It was like a youtiao/Chinese cruller, topped with a minced shrimp mixture and powdered sugar(!), along with a mayo based sauce on the side that tasted like the sauce in honey walnut prawns. Maybe a touch too sweet for me.

Sichuan Dan Dan Noodles ($12.95)
Spicy. Spicy hot and world famous: topped with caramelized and crispy ground pork, bok choy and peanuts.
A pretty good rendition of dan dan noodles. The sauce (picture was before peanuts were applied) was nicely flavored and a bit spicy, with peanut or sesame paste. The noodles could have had a bit more QQ.

Beef Pot Stickers (5) ($8.95)
Ground beef with carrots.
Pretty good.

Pork Xlb (6) ($10.95)
The gold standard of XLB: pork with spring onion and ginger.
Some traditional XLB. Very good. Wrappers were not too thick but maintained integrity when being picked up. Very juicy.

Scallop & Chicken Bao (4) ($10.95)
Chicken with spring onion, topped with one scallop.
Very good. Nicely cooked scallop, juicy. Some salmon roe on the top to add some pop.

Veg Dumplings (8) ($10.95)
Vegetarian. Baby bai choy, mushroom and tofu meat.
Pretty good vegetable filled dumplings. Same wrappers as Grandma’s Pork Dumplings I think.

They also sell frozen dumplings to take home. Some good dumplings at United Dumplings. Standouts were the Grandma’s Pork Dumplings, XLB, and the Scallop and Chicken Bao. Will be back to try some of the more non-traditional dishes too. They have a parklet for outdoor seating.


Looks delicious! Those pics really made me hungry!


I came across another story about United Dumplings, part of an SFGate series on dumplings by Margot Seeto (her article on Night Market was linked to in this HO thread). She made dumplings by hand with the owners. They have some rather non-traditional dumpling fillings such as Mexican chicken, corn, and cheese; and Korean bulgogi; but all the fillings are minced so similar texturally. The location note at the end said an Oakland branch was slated for opening in Oct 2022.


oops, forgot to give the link to the story: https://www.sfgate.com/food/article/united-dumplings-san-francisco-visit-17435795.php