Unidentified Greek Pastry

Ok, mystery here. DD and SIL went to our favorite Greek resto (in Seattle, Ballard neighborhood). They asked for a few pastries to take home after their delicious dinner. The owners sent 30 pastries home with them!! DD brought a few down with her today. Among the sweets was a beautiful chocolate triangle (it was a ganache topping) I tried part of it and it has a nice but unusual flavor to it. My closest guess is finely ground nuts, perhaps bound by tahini. In my 40 years among Greeks and 3 weeks in country, I’ve never seen nor tasted this pastry. Does anyone know what it might be, from any part of Greece or the Middle East?

Do you have a picture? My son is living in Turkey, there appears to be much in common with Greece, and he sends many pictures of pastries.

Not yet and I also marred it’s beauty by slicing into it. I’ll get one when we go near the end of the month & take a pic. Unfortunately they’re closing shop at the end of June due to redevelopment/eminant domain issues. We are sad; they are going to try a new resto somewhere else in the area. I’m taking them a bottle of 7 star Metaxa as a parting gift.

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Isn’t it possible to call the restaurant and ask ?

We speak with the owner in a combination of Greek and English; it’s quite possible it might become a situation where we point and ask. But great idea! We’ll just wait til we go there soon. Thanks!

What resto? Could it have been halva (since you mention tahini)?

Andrea, think you’re in Seattle right? It is Plaka in Ballard. & yes may be halvah, tho I didn’t think of that. And it was definitely not marzipan.

If you haven’t been to Plaka, I strongly urge you to go before they close. Such great food and ambience, and the owners couldn’t be more gracious.

Thanks for your thoughts on the halvah.

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I thought halva was a nut or seed paste; no? There was something by that name we ate growing up in NY. I think it was sasaame seed, but there was a chocolate marble version.

Yep, West Seattle, Ballard is a trek!

Yes, a mix of sugar syrup and sesame seed paste aka tahini.

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I do get that Andrea - traffic is bad and getting worse!

Yes, think you are probably right on track & thanks!

Send me one and I’ll see if I can help. :slight_smile:

Wish I could Evelyn! It was such a beautiful piece and was cut so precisely it looked like perfection. Would have been even more beautiful with a little gold leaf atop. Of course very delicious too but in a mysterious sort of what am I eating way??