Uneven eggs?

2 farm eggs, same size, both put in tepid water while pot of water boiled.
Both gently put into simmering water for 7m 14 sec. Removed to tepid water for a moment.
Both equally treated.
One perfectly cooked, the other had quite a lot of gelatinous white.
Been eating this farmers eggs for 10+ yrs.
Any opinions?

Age of the egg the same? Were both eggs from the same chicken?

While Reading up about farm raised chickens,
‘The white of an egg will also get thinner, the longer the egg is stored. Higher temperatures will speed up this effect. Other causes of watery whites are the age of the hen, storage time, genetics, and the time taken for the eggs to cool down in the nest.”


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Do the eggs move around while in the simmering water? Might be crazy but I do like to stir the water while they cook. My eggs are always pretty much the same.

Soft boiled eggs right? Not poached?

Yes. Not stirred. Worth a try. Thanks.