[Umhlanga, South Africa] Cumin Cafe

I’ve read about bunny chow. I’ve seen photos of bunny chow. I’ve wanted to eat bunny chow for ages. But you’re really only going to be able to eat it in the Durban area. A bit of research suggested this was the place to come for it in Umhlanga. Time for lunch.

It was everything I hoped it would be. A hollowed out soft, white loaf, filled with curry. They have a choice of four curries – mutton, chicken, beef and mixed veg. And you’re asked how spicy you want it – always something of a difficult question when you don’t know how spicy the chef regards “spicy”. But, that’s a medium vegetable one and a spicy mutton one. In the veggie one, there’s potato, green beans, cabbage and carrots in a creamy sauce that had a bit of a kick to it. The mutton one comes with much of the meat still on the bone and with some lovely serious chilli heat. Really flavourful . I don’t often mention prices in reviews but with these coming in at around 60 Rand, this is a bargain lunch as well as one that’s delicious.

(PS: the origin of the “bunny” in the name seems to be lost to history, although websites speculate that it derives from “bania”, the caste of the Indians who originally sold it)


Bunny chow


No more bunny chow

This looks delicious and a very good way to eat bread with all the sauce.

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