Uma Casa [Noe Valley - Church St.]

Has anyone tried Uma Casa yet for Portuguese dishes and not reported back? I’m excited to try it this coming Saturday night.

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Here! We liked it! Do let us know if you like it afterwards!

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I’ve been twice. The first time I really liked it [report in sck’s link] , but the second time maybe a year later was disappointing, overcooked lamb meatballs, flavorless brussel sprouts, etc… Some was good but seemed like quality control wasn’t there.

Well, we did go and shared about 5 small plates. I was excited to go, but the flavors just weren’t there. I was definitely quite disappointed.

Sorry to hear that. Is Faria still in the kitchen? I was hoping to go back at some point since a year ago when I went reservations were relatively abundant, and didn’t have to deal with Mission parking as well. But now I am not so sure.

What did you have?

Not a big deal - I prefer restaurants with “real” cocktails. From what I remember, we had Pasteis de Bacalau (OK but underseasoned), Sardinhas Asadas (these should be a no-brainer, but they weren’t good), Rissois de Camarao (OK but mushy and underseasoned), and Polvo Dourado [octopus] (what I was really looking forward to, but was a ridiculously tiny portion and underflavored). The Portuguese egg tart was OK - considering the raves, I thought it would be better.

Unfortunately that was my last experience as well. The chef is partner in Piri Pica, the casual Portuguese chicken joint in the Mission so maybe his attention is stretched too thin.

I didn’t know that. I really disliked Piri Pica.

Same here! Seasoning aside, I didn’t think their chicken compared to other takeout chicken places and their couscous side was incredibly boring.

Btw, how did the Uma Casa egg tart compare to the Silva Bakery ones they sell at Cafe St Jorge (I think I remember you having eaten those in the past)

Good question, hyper. I generally avoid Cafe St. Jorge (even though it’s close to home). Don’t like standing in line for 40 minutes to order, and I don’t like vegan pastries, but you’ve got me wondering.

As for Piri Pica, I had a fried chicken sandwich. It’s pretty inexpertly made, with the coating just falling off and the chicken not very exciting. These fast-casual sandwich places (think Souvla) bore me to tears.