Two tomatillos walk into a kitchen...

(Dan) #1

How would you prepare them? TIA.



(John Hartley) #2

Beats me. But then I had to Google to find out what they are.

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(Dan) #3

Two lonely tomatillo is all I have. Wondering what I can do with two? :yum:



I saw a few recipes using tomatillos in guacamole.

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(Dan) #5

Would you recommend roasting them first?



Fresh or roasted…up to your preference / mood, tomatillos are often used in salsa too. I wish I could find them easily…


(Denise) #7

Maybe add them into a tomato salsa? I like roasted tomatillos but you need a pile of ‘em to make the roasting worthwhile.

And +1 on what @naf suggested about guacamole.



Our favorite Taqueria in San Francisco Mission, Pancho Villa, has a great salsa bar.

Their TOMATILLO salsa verde is the bomb!



The key is to roast/steam them in the husks first. After they’re charred, take and hold by the stems and squish.
The other trick I learned while living in Arizona was to add a citrus component as they are really complimented by lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruit. Whatever was in pails on street corners, we’d pick up and use.
BTW-2 is a minuscule number. I’m intrigued how you ended up with dos.


(saregama) #10

Verde sauce - add aromatics and cilantro.

Use for chilaquiles, enchiladas, rice, or as salsa.



I was wondering the same thing. They are very sharp and acidic when raw, in a good way, to me.


(John Hartley) #12

Two tomatillos walk into a bar. Even before they can order the barman says “Sorry, we don’t serve food”.



Quick roasted salsa.

Cut them in half. Place skin side up under a broiler - along with a bit of onion and a small garlic clove - part of a jalapeño.

Roast until skin is charred (watch the garlic, maybe tuck under onion so doesn’t burn).

Put in blender/processor with dash of salt and blend until smooth (or chunky if you prefer). If too thick, add a little water.

Eat with chips or over roasted meat of some type.

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I like to pickle tomatillos but not sure I would bother with two, I’d instead probably go the roasted salsa route as Thimes suggests.


(Dan) #15

Neighbor was going on vacation and offered up her produce bin. :grinning: The two small green tomo’s had me stumped.



Are they still in husk? I love Tomatillos. They grow quite robustly here. Had them in the garden for many years. When I had a garden.



If you wanted to add to your tomatillo haul, I saw the largest ones of my life two weeks in a row at Lidl in Hazlet. I would give them a call first since their stock changes frequently.



That was what stopped me from replying earlier… I really don’t know what one could do with just two of them, even if they’re big (for tomatillos). Myself, I’m not a huge fan of them, at least not as a primary component of “dishes”, like green chile and whatnot; I think it’s more an issue of texture than flavor (when cooked down at all, they have an okra-like mucilaginous quality I find off-putting). But I like them OK in salsa, where they’re diluted with other wet ingredients and not cooked for extended periods of time - reduces the viscosity to a manageable level for me…

Probably the guacamole idea is the most reasonable for just two and personally, yes, I’d either roast them or, with just two, more likely simmer then in a small saucepan for a while. Totally uncooked, they’re pretty hard, though I guess if you chop them fine, that wouldn’t be too big an issue. If you do go this route, I’d wait to add lime juice until after the tomatillos are thoroughly incorporated. They’re pretty acidic so you may want to slightly reduce the lime juice unless you like very tangy guac…


(Santa Rosa, California) #19

Shrimp ceviche verde from Rick Bayless. People were licking the bowl!



Chicken Chile Verde, they were one of the few things that grew around here last year … lots of them in our CSA share … hmph not sure how this linked to you gracieggg, but hi :slightly_smiling_face: I replied to Rooster, the OP : :thinking: