Two new chef's knives

Two distinctly different chef’s knives. The upper one’s a Classic 8" Chef with African mahogany, and the lower one’s a 210mm (8.3") Gyuto with purpleheart. Similar in length, you can see the difference in the curve of the cutting edges. The curvy Classic has the advantage if you like to mince and rock-chop, but if you mostly slice-n-dice then you’ll prefer the Gyuto’s flatter profile – it gives you the cutting edge of a much longer knife while working on compact counters. I think the purpleheart is a nice addition to my selection of hardwoods. :purple_heart: :hocho::slight_smile:


Gorgeous knives.

I have too many knives hanging in the kitchen but it’s nice having them sometimes.

I have a couple Global chef’s knives which I’m not fond of. My main knives are a bunch of Mercers from Webstaurant. They hold an edge and resharpen nicely, have different colored handles for identification, excellent grip, and inexpensive so can be tossed/replaced if necessary. The colors look a little tacky I suppose. But it’s just the :dog: :dog: and me. :joy:

There’s also some fancy Japanese knives on another wall but never grab them.

My knives could be categorized as slicers, choppers, and utility–to meet diverse mostly prepping purposes. None of them are personal and handmade–like Eiron’s–but most have been chosen with aesthetics in mind. Most recently, I’ve become fascinated by Chinese vegetable cleavers, and have been thrilled by my Shibasi F208 8" X 4"–which makes a great big brother for my 20+ year old Nakiri I got in Japan.

It’s encouraged me to add a tweener utility knife which I’m now learning how to use.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold