Turkey stock: best way(s)

I have a bunch of uncooked Turkey wings and back/neck parts. aikd appreciate thoughts

I guess I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking here. . . . how to make stock? You’d make it just like you would chicken stock - just with turkey parts.

For turkey in particular (and how I use turkey stock) I think it is important to roast the parts before turning them into stock. You can do this either in a hot oven until they are browned or brown them in a heavy bottomed stock pot before adding veggies/water . . . I find if you don’t brown them the stock has a very neutral flavor, instead of a richer turkey flavor. But if you were looking to make stock to use in something where you might not want as much turkey flavor then maybe you wouldn’t roast the bits before adding the water/etc.


I like this method

agreed re roasting first. after i add the water, i lower the oven to 150-200, cover and let cook overnight. also skip the the veggies, so it’s more like a bone broth.