Turkey Prices?

What are you seeing? I need to buy a few large (25+lb.) for a charity event. Frozen or fresh doesn’t matter. Is it worth a trip, at least a 45 minute drive, to Aldi, Lidl, Super Walmart or other discounters? How about Costco? Do any supermarkets sell oven ready whole turkey breasts in a foil bag that delis use? They are large, over 10lb. I’ve bought them in the past at Restaurant Depot. Thanks!

Reports in the UK, suggest we’ll have a significant turkey shortage this Christmas, due to the avian flu outbreak. Bound to mean that, whatever stocks are around, will be expensive

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For my Practice Thanksgiving dinner party on Nov. 12, I just got a non-organic frozen turkey at Whole Foods for $1.49/lb (Prime member price) yesterday. The organic turkeys were $2.49/lb. I usually buy a fresh turkey for Actual Thanksgiving, but I think I will just get another frozen one from WF, given the price. The fresh ones I’m seeing online for pre-order at my other local supermarket are $2.79/lb, and the WF pre-order is $1.99/lb.

Conventional local Canadian turkeys were running $2.99 Cdn/ lb , which meant $30-$45 Cdn per turkey, organic were costing $4.99/ lb (mostly $60-75 Cdn per turkey). Butterball were maybe $20 -$25 Cdn each.

It’s becoming very difficult to find a 10 lb turkey where I live. I visited 5 stores before I found one. Most are 12-17 lbs.

$1 Cdn = $ 0.74 US, $1 US- $1.38 Cdn today.

My Aldi was running frozen Butterballs at $1.07/lb as of yesterday (and I guess throughout the season?). They noted a 2 per-person limit but I suppose you could get two, then go drive around the block, repeat.

For reference, my local Kroger is running $1.99, Target $1.79, and Walmart $1.19, all for frozen Butterballs.

So, best (Aldi) to worst (Kroger) for me at 3x25 turkeys would be a ~$70 savings. Pretending your 90 minute round trip might be 60 miles, call it $8-10 in gas.

For some reason my Costco’s local website doesn’t admit to having any whole turkeys except very expensive organics.

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Frozen Butterball turkeys were $1.18 per pound at WM today. Regular price $1.88.


Zackly, You’re in Westchester/Rockland county NY area, no?

Aldi in Nanuet had Butterballs for $1.59/lb last weekend so I picked up a small one. They had a few that were at or near the 20lb mark as well.

Costco in Yonkers did not have any turkeys when I checked earlier this week.

Shoprite is running about $1.89/lb for their brand.

The Super Walmart in Monroe near Woodbury commons has Shadybrook for 98 cents/lb and Butterball for $1.18 but not sure of what sizes they have in stock.

Hope this is helpful… if you aren’t in this area I apologize and maybe someone else will benefit from this info.

Thank you all! I know many foodies do not like Butterball turkeys but I do. I’m going to look for these.

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I would try asking your regular supermarket if they could order exactly what you need at a discount. A lot of businesses will give you a discount if you’re purchasing on behalf a charity, especially if they can write it off themselves.

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Butterballs are pretty traditional for me. They just taste like Thanksgiving.
Fancy, Organic, Heritage–all good, but I’ll try them on other days.

My local Costco (in SoCal) has frozen turkeys for 99¢/lb for birds between 12 and 25 lbs.

This one from Costco, “fresh” from Mary’s

Mary’s “organic”, " fresh" 16-18 pounds


I prefer all my turkeys to be generative.

Degenerates need not apply.

Oh wait, you meant regenerative? Nevermind.

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Interesting! I don’t remember that song, but I remember the expression, and I sure remember the song “Skin Tight”!

I’m sure that can apply to turkey on a food forum. The skin is the best part. Or maybe the subtitles!


My girlfriend and I picked up a 6 pound turkey breast, yesterday at Walmart (Jennie-O brand). It was $2.44/pound. The whole turkeys were $.98 per pound, but they were all HUGE birds. We wouldn’t know what to do with a 20+ pound turkey, just way too much.
In the past, I’ve been able to find 9-10 pound small young turkey, which are perfect for her and I, but not this year.
I’m glad to have the main course in the freezer, now I’ll just start picking up all of the sides.

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