Turkey meatloaf or chili

I ran a similar post back in January. First time I tried this recipe, it turned out very well. Nice and firm. Second time, a bit crumbly. Probably my fault?

How to Make Turkey Meatloaf with Ketchup-Brown Sugar Glaze with Becky and Julia

I have 3 lbs of 85-15 of ground turkey. I’ve never made a 3 lb meatloaf before. I guess I could make a two pounder, and a one pounder, or use the rest for a chili (which I’ve been disappointed with in the past, kind of gritty, for lack of a better description) or something else.

I didn’t watch the whole video, but I saw oats and maybe corn starch were added. Were both batches 85-15? I haven’t used ground turkey in awhile, but when I did, I seem to recall the amount of fat was important, and that egg whites or gelatin helped.

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Yes, 85-15. The butter is because turkey needs added fat, the oats are to break up the dense texture they experienced from there previous recipe testings, and the cornstarch is to retain the juices, keeping it moist.

I tried to follow the recipe last time, but the one thing that occurred to me was the this recipe might be more relied upon by precise measurements.

For instance, my main issue last time was the texture. When they instruct “3 tablespoons quick oats”, since that’s a key ingredient controlling the texture, does it really matter if it is “level” or “rounded” tablespoons?

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I would start with level. If you really want precision, weigh your ingredients in grams as you go and keep track of which weights give you the texture you prefer. 1 lb. is ~454 grams. 1 T. quick oats is about ~8-9 grams. Does this recipe have eggs? That can help with binding to prevent crumbling. Usually 1 large egg per pound.

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