Turkey/Ground Beef Meatloaf

I ran across the “How to Make Turkey Meatloaf with Ketchup-Brown Sugar Glaze with Becky and Julia” Youtube recipe from America’s Test Kitchen some time back, and was pleasantly surprised at the result.

I tried to post the link, but even tho I’m not new here, the system says I am, so it would not allow it

I 'd like to know if i go 50-50 with the meat, can I still follow the same recipe. It has some techniques designed to “help” the turkey.

50/50 turkey and…beef? Pork?


Turkey and Beef

You’ll be fine.

You could use probably any combination of meat, save for something very gamey like mutton, and it wouldn’t really matter.

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Agree. No modifications needed. Not too fatty beef tho.

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Thanks everyone!