Turkey Gravy (painless)

I need about a gallon of turkey gravy for an event. I don’t want to make it from scratch but want to use convenience products. When I was a cook/chef I would roast necks and backs with mirepoix then make a heavily reduced stock and thicken with a turkey fat roux and add drippings from the roasted birds. I want to do none of this but want to serve something acceptable. There are many turkey base products from McCormick, Minor’s, Better Than Bouillon nd others. I’m thinking of making a veloute from one of these products thickened with an all butter roux. What would you do? Are there any good canned, bottled or frozen gravies? My other option is buying gravy from the catering department at a local supermarket but it’s so damn expensive. Thanks!

Heinz in the jar isn’t bad, but it probably won’t be any cheaper than buying premade from the catering dept. if you need a gallon.
In your situation, I would get a few turkey wings/necks and simmer them with some seasonings and reinforce that broth with the turkey Better than Bullion. Then thicken with your roux or beurre manie. The end product will be less salty (and not take much longer) than if you used all BTB.


Just buy this at Costco. And add water. Or water and milk if you want to “glam” it up a bit.



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I’d buy this product instead

I hate when a restaurant pours brown (beef gravy) on a hot turkey sandwich instead of turkey gravy.

Turkey gravy comes in cans, too.

Knorr also makes a turkey gravy mix.

I would use BTB bouillon, both chicken and onion. More, and better flavor, than the turkey version. Darken the color with Gravy Master, Kitchen Bouquet, HP Brown Sauce, or soy sauce. Adding some dairy would enrich the flavor and mouthfeel.

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Interesting! I got the turkey BTB once, but I don’t remember if I liked the taste. Seems like it would be a no brainer base for gravy.

I’m going to use McCormick’s Poultry Gravy and Better Than Bouillon Turkey base that’s arriving today from Amazon. If I need to adjust thickness I’ll do that but I’m more concerned about adjusting the saltiness. Maybe I’ll get some salt free stock or just use water. Might add some MSG if it’s lacking in flavor.