Tunisian Chickpea Soup (Lablabi)-probably

I got an email about this Tunisian Chickpea stew , and that’s what I’m probably making, but this one for Spiced Chickpea Stew With Coconut and Turmeric looks good too.

Anyway, I’m also continuing to experiment with soaking, brining, and pressure cooking the chickpeas, and found this review.

Here’s a picture.

I don’t want to forget this link to a recipe for “Nancy’s Garbanzo beans”.


I saw that too. Put in the saved file. Will you report back if you make it?
We’ve tried a couple of these recipes and been pretty happy with them. Most recently the 3 cup chicken one.


That Spiced Chickpea Stew With Coconut and Turmeric recipe definitely reads, to me, like it needs acid and heat.

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This is a helpful chart, thanks for sharing! The Nancy link you posted is actually a repeat of the chickpea test, by the way!

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Oops! Thanks.

Nancy Silverton’s chickpeas for chopped salad.

I will.

Good catch!

Bear with me. I made the crispy chickpea part, with my zatar from the Grand Bazaar!

And am probably using my “Nancy-pants” chickpeas to make her chopped salad for a pot luck on Tuesday.

I still plan to make the lablabi, but seem to be wanting a lighter, brothier version. Maybe because it’s already getting warm here. Daughter wanted to try the brothy version too, and she’s in New York. Maybe this one with the dreaded runny egg!


Another version, this one from the Wall Street Journal

It must be "trending ".
Apparently tuna is often an accompaniment, and its served for breakfast.

196 flavors.

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Those look lovely. Are they crispy? I haven’t had much luck making crispy chickpeas using dried chickpeas; I’m not sure if I’m cooking the chickpeas too long (I pressure cook them), not drying them enough, or what…

They were sort of crispy out of the oven, more of a “different” texture when I finally added them and the other chickpeas to the soup.

I feel you. The thicker one seems a bit…sludgy.

My daughter likes heavier food than I do and SHE asked for a brothy one! :thinking:

Forgot to take a picture, but I made a brothy one with harissa, tomato paste, preserved lemon, and a microwave poached egg.

I’m using most if the chickpeas in "Nancy’s chopped salad " for a pot luck tommorow…oops…today. :pensive:

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Thanks. There’s a restaurant around here that has the most wonderful crispy chickpeas; I’m pretty sure they’re deep-fried, which is not something I’m keen to do, so I’m always looking hopefully for alternatives!


I ended up making the chopped salad and it was extremely well received.


I like that one!

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