Trying to figure out how to make this site more like the old chowhound...

Not sure if a topic like this is taboo on the Hungry One, but I admit to missing the real chowhound.
Miss the great comments, helpful new places to hit, interesting people, as well as some snarkiness.

Any ideas from one and all?
The people at CNET / CBS seem pretty clueless in my humble.

Any other sites we should be visiting?

Cheers, and best to all!


I share your dissapointment with CH, and the hope that HO can step up to fill the void. Some of the CH regulars have been crossing over, but clearly HO hasn’t reached the critical volume of comments needed to drive a “phase transition”. Keep posting - that’s the best advice I can offer!


Dewey , WTF ? The snark ,expertise , braggadocios , is all here .


Heh…I am not going to tell you. I don’t want to miss your bi-monthly witty post to another site :smile:

The Boston board or the entire site? I have some thoughts that I can share but want to make sure I answer the right question.

The “old Chowhound”?

I suppose that depends on what the OP means by “old”.

If it’s how we make this site more like the Chowhound of the recent “old” (before the revamp) then I think we are on the way. it’ll take considerable time. There needs to be a body of information posted that helps to answer the question of where should I eat when I visit XYZ. And there needs to be something of a community built, particularly on the regional sub-forums, so that you know whose judgement you can trust. And by “trust”, I mean that I found X’s opinion of restaurants A & B to be in line with my own, therefore I am likely to enjoy restaurant C because X liked it there.

If, on the other hand, it is the Chowhound of very old - the time when it was very much up its own arse, then I’m glad that died and there’s no need to reinvent it here - or if it was reinvented, then I’m off.


Our NYS/CT board is getting a lot more action lately and it’s very much like the old days. We reached out to our
“friends” from CH - either on twitter, yelp, FB. I actually used the opportunity on a thread on CH that was not doing well ( like all of them) and someone asked - where is everybody. I said I know where they are. When I got another bite, I told them and several came over. And , CH mods didn’t remove my post. Mods here can be helpful finding your peeps.

I agree with Max Entropy. Post some content. The more that happens, the better it gets.


I agree with Winecountry. In the last couple of weeks the level in the New York/CT board has been great, good conversation with just a smidgen of disagreement. I hope it continues.

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I’m just now tuning in to the fact that there is this board! I’ll try and make a point of contributing! I’ll also try and contribute some disgruntled, curmudgeonly stuff, too.:blush:


Moving to Site discussions.

Oh, Scar-glyn, I’m especially glad to read the “disgruntled, curmudgeonly stuff.” :slight_smile:

We have a few but not like CH. There were some pretty nasty folks over there - there was one in particular on the Manhattan board. Glad she’s not here.

Must admit that, whilst Chwohound moderation got very silly banning people who had no cause to get banned, they did have a previous decent reputation for banning people who did not heed warnings. I can think of one person who got everything s/he deserved by way of permanent ban - it’s the sort of hiding behind the anonymity of the internet that seems to encourage some arsewipes to say things they wouldnt say face to face (without risking a smack in the mouth)


Another poster joined here but couldn’t play by the rules. Gone.


welcome to HO. You still up in NH?

I’ve been here for a bit but haven’t been too active. Seems this CT/NY board is new/newish? I was tuned to Boston and just felt left out.:confused:
I have always (since 2002) been in CT. I’m close to you (just outside of New Haven). If you can recall, I did a lot of reviews for the NH area while on CH.

The NT/CT board is not new, but has just gotten a good amount of activity.

I still go to CH and if I get one positive idea every three months it is a lot. Here is a perfect example of what it has become.

Here is a link that just had a one-and-done post. The thread started in 2009 and many here participated (including Sam). It lay dormant for years and Shannon402 (fourth from the top) adds a new post, trying to be funny.

No comments needed since everyone head will probably shake side-to-side upon reading.

GI just saw a thread from 10 years ago replied to! Ya think the lasagna is still on the counter?