Troubleshooting fish

What’s wrong with my salmon? The fillet is fresh and doesn’t have any off-putting odor. I cut this part off. I don’t see any worms. Is it a disease or an injury?

Awwwww… Never see this…

First time for me, and I cook salmon a couple times a month.
Maybe it’s this.

According to this site, if it’s towards the tail, you can eat.

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Ok, even with virus, you can eat.

I :heart: this site.

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Thanks @naf

I eat farmed salmon (Skuna Bay) almost every week, and have not seen it quite like that, but I do see some black color where the skin is removed if removed quite close. Not with Skuna Bay which comes skinless.

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Thanks, @shrinkrap.

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When I saw the caption I first read it as Trouble Shooting Fish
Just fill the barrel with fish….