trouble for boston's tim maslow

busted with 22+ pounds of edibles, plus some other stuff

according to the globe, maslow was arrested at the canadian border and is being charged with felony possession.

here are some vids from his Instagram:

suck it, globe

burn everything

opentable is not accepting any reservations for ribelle.

This is sort of out of left field; has Maslow indicated that he’s unhappy with how Ribelle’s been going? I though they’d worked through the troubles of ramping-up after their 4-star review. It’d be a shame if the place was “gutted like a pig”.

i’ve heard rumors ribelle was for sale, but who knows.

executing at that level all the time is insanely stressful.

This has all the appearances of a manic and destructive episode. If that is the case, hope he gets the help he needs.


I guess if I was a 4-star chef under that kind of pressure, I’d need 20 lbs. of pot brownies, too.

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even if he plea bargains he can’t have a liquor license with a felony on his record.

So does he still cook at strip T’s?

This sounds bad for him potentially.

This seems idiotic, maybe a cry for help. Easy enough to get a license via a local doctor and legally obtain edibles in MA now.

RE: Opentable not accepting reservations, a recent newsletter said that they were only using Reserve for reservations going forward — no more Opentable. Looks like Reserve does have reservations available.

thanks for that correction. still remains to be seen what will happen if you watched the instagram links.

he obviously neglected to pull the
“Do you know who I am?”

did you see the mugshot? maslow himself may not have been able to answer that question.

He left Strip-T’s in the hands of his head chefs, but still pops in to check on things and help out from time to time, from what I hear.

I’ll never forget the last time I was at Strip-T’s, right before he left to start Ribelle. I was there with friends & we ordered a bunch of things to share, including our favorite sandwich, the Banh Mi. We asked if it could be cut in thirds for sharing and our waitress said she thought that was adorable. She came back a few minutes later looking embarrassed and said “Um, the chef tonight is Tim Maslow, and he says he won’t cut it in thirds or even in half, because it will compromise the integrity of the sandwich. I’m sorry…”

update: this morning, 1665 beacon tweeted that they will be open tonight for dinner at 6. that’s ribelle’s address.

Sounds like a meltdown. What was he even thinking trying to smuggle in 22.5 lbs of pot edibles?!?!?!

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It does. Just sad. I hope he gets help.

I just called because we have a gift certificate - they are not taking reservations at all. Walk-ins, only.

We went to the erstwhile Ribelle last night, now called 1665 Beacon. Ribelle was one of my favorite places to eat and we went relatively frequently (for us).

The service was very good – as always. The servers have always been very friendly, helpful, and considerate. They are there when you want them to be, and not when you don’t.

The Eggs & Mayo (basically deviled eggs) tasted like…. deviled eggs. They were good. Deviled eggs are good.

The Beef Tartare was also good, but not quite as good as The Butcher Shop’s version – which is
my gold standard. The fried head-on shrimp special was tasty.

The Duck Breast was fabulous, cooked perfectly. Also fabulous was the Pommes Boulangerie, and I strongly suggest you don’t miss either of them.

My verdict? I’d happily go there if I lived in the neighborhood, but it is not quite, for me, a destination restaurant any more.

Apparently, all charges have been dropped. From Strip-T’s Facebook page this morning.

Breaking news from the Vermont police blotter
this is fantastic news, thank you everyone who has supported Tim !
ribelle/1665 is serving lunch and dinner monday thru saturday
since bad news travels faster than good news, please help spread the news so that my sons reputation can be restored!


thanks for the update, this is good news indeed!

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