trouble for boston's tim maslow

I am now curious what prompted the U-turn…

Well, it’s good to know that you can get away with bringing 22 lbs of pot into the US if you’re a well-known chef.


it was 22 pounds of edibles, NOT 22 pounds of pot. how the charge went away remains a mystery but he’s totally off the hook.

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What you do is have the other three passengers claim responsibility,it becomes three people charged with minor misdemeanors that are a lot of work for the DA to pursue. Plus it is not worth their while to put warrants out on the other three and then it is very costly and complicated to get them transported to Vermont.

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Tim really shook things up in the Boston area when he first transformed Strip T’s and I think made a significant contribution to the local scene. He’s still young and tremendously talented with lots more to offer. Whatever he does, I wish him well and hope he finds his niche and some satisfaction.


Interesting. I had stopped following things.

The opening/closings thread said Ribelle is closing. Sad.

The Globe says that he’ll continue consulting for Strip-T’s and will cook at Tiger Mama.

Posted on Strip-T’s Facebook page about an hour ago.

For everybody that hasn’t heard the news, Ribelle had it’s last service saturday night. The restaurant has been sold and Tim has a new position with Tiffany Faison ( I don’t know her that well, but she seems to be a really awesome person and chef/restaurateur ).
I would like to thank every manager, chef, sous chef, cook, bartender, hostess, dishwasher and server that ever worked at Ribelle over the last 3 years. I would like to also thank every customer who ever ate at Ribelle. Thank you to all the media outlets for all the great reviews and thanks to all the friends and industry folks who supported us throughout!
There has been a lot of speculation about Tim’s arrest and his somewhat impulsive actions that followed. The charges were dropped against Tim because at no time was there any edibles in the car. He was transporting leftover sweets from an event in Montreal. The lab tests for THC came back negative and that was the end of it (except for Tim’s reputation ).
As for changing the name, yes we knew we were going to sell the restaurant. Tim needed a rather large staff to run the Ribelle concept, quite a few employees had moved on and we were short staffed. Rather than hire new people knowing we would close, Tim chose to change the concept, a concept that could run with fewer employees. Every employee who worked at the restaurant the past few months knew we were going to close, this seemed the proper way to handle the situation.
I am pretty sure industry folks can imagine the hard work that went into Ribelle on a daily basis. We have been grieving for quite some time and now it is time for Tim and Theresa to make great things happen elsewhere. We tried our best and we can live with that.
Strip-t’s is still open for business as usual. We have a new chef, William Nurse, who has worked for the Aquitaine Group for the past five years spending the majority of his time as head chef at Metropolis. In the next few weeks we will be introducing more of a neighborhood friendly menu at dinner. We have plenty of seating in the summer so come by and enjoy our hospitality!
Paul Maslow


“More neighborhood friendly menu” is never a good sign.

especially with branch line kicking ass a block away.

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