Travel cake baking tin

I’m on a bit of a mission: to find a specific size of travel cake mold that is used in New School Sweets.

The dimensions are 20cm x 5cm x 5cm (8" x 2" x 2"). I found one online for $43 USD, but once shipping, taxes and fees are paid, this small baking tin comes up to about $100. I haven’t seen any other source that carries this size either in metal or silicone.

Does anyone know of a baking supply shop that carries this type of item, but at a more reasonable price point? Thanks.

I asked about sourcing (because I was curious if it was a specific Indian baking tin) and fwiw author’s reply was to use any similar available tin and fill to 3/4.

I loved this post because I had no idea what a travel baking tin was/is. I looked it up, and learned something.

I’ll probably end up doing that, and it’s the most sensible solution. For a kitchen kit magpie like me, my first response to a new tool was “OOOO, Shiny!”. Of course, if I find one for a sane price, I know it will find a forever home with me. :smile:

Travel cakes are new for me, too. I’m mightily trying to fight off the urge to get Travel Cake by Garuharu, as well as the other books by Eunyoung Yun. I do have a birthday coming up…

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