Transforming chicken stock into pho

I’ve got a ready supply of great chicken stock in my freezer. What do I have to do to it in order to develop a delicious broth for pho? I’m okay with the add-in ingredients (rice noodles, bean sprouts, thai basil, meat, etc.) I’m just asking about the broth for now. Thanks!

Here’s Andrea Nguyen’s recipe for chicken pho:

I’d add everything she mentions to the broth except obviously the chicken. Hopefully your stock doesn’t have a lot of other flavors going on but I’d think those ingredients would cover it. Grilling the onion and ginger makes a difference.

My stock was simmered with onions, carrots, celery and parsley. I’m willing to try adding “…the onions, ginger, salt, fish sauce, rock sugar, coriander seeds, cloves, and cilantro…” and simmering for 30 minutes or so. Thanks!

I’d go a lot longer than 30 minutes. The broth is what it’s all about IMO. A couple of hours probably.

That’s what I’ll do. Thanks.

how gelatinous is the stock? it might benefit from a few chicken feet. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure hoe to [quote=“hotoynoodle, post:6, topic:3774”]
how gelatinous is the stock? it might benefit from a few chicken feet. :slightly_smiling:

I’m not sure how to answer your question. It’s thick and gelatinous when it’s cold. But I’d have to drive an hour or so to find chicken feet.

if it’s jiggly when it’s cold you’re good!

I meant to mention I put nothing but the ‘meat’ in my stock pot. That way I can use it for whatever I want with no competing flavors. I can’t remember who taught me that on CH. @hotoynoodle or maybe the late Sam F.

Do you typically roast the meat before putting it into the stock pot? I do that with veal and beef bones, and I find it adds a lot of flavor. But I do almost always add aromatic veggies, too, sometimes roasted along with the meat/bones.

When I make chicken stock I use uncooked feet, necks and backs.

i prefer a lighter stock as well, so always use raw chicken bits.

I cooked for over a year for my now deceased dog. The last few months I would cook a whole chicken in the pressure cooker and, wow, did that make STOCK! I would dilute it to make it lighter.

I’ve considered getting a pressure cooker just for making stock, but then I wonder where I’ll stash it. While I’m not opposed to single-use kitchen items, that’s one that would have to warrant the shelf space it occupies and I’m not sure it could do that.

I need to do more. I have a friend, former CH and great cook who uses his for all sorts of things. I need to consult.

i feel the same about buying even one more kitchen gadget and also hear complaints that braises and stews taste kinda flat from a pressure cooker.