Trader Joe's YEA/NAY/MEH, 2023 Edition

I was so excited to see this as I usually have more room in a cabinet than my fridge. Dang! I just checked my miso and it says Keep Refrigerated". I know it’s in the refrigerator section where I buy it. I only have a small amount left. I may have to do an experiment.

Me, too, but it may be worth a special trip to the Indian store just to see if there’s a fish korma equivalent. I could get several packages of it to keep in the freezer for when my husband wants the chicken tikka masala for his dinner. I always preferred the fish korma.

Fwiw I’ve never come across such a thing as Fish Korma in the indian context, so they likely had it created for them. (There are plenty of fish curries, though I’ve never seen a frozen one at the Indian stores near me, usually chicken or lamb or vegetarian meals only.)

(You could consider buying one of the other TJ entrees whose sauce you like, pick out the tiny amount of chicken or veg - donate to your husband’s portion - and then add their frozen fish to the sauce.)

Meanwhile those same gnocchi get a yeah over here, as well as do they sweet potato in sage butter and the tomato flavors. But a big nay to the cauliflower gnocchi.

Trader Joe’s cage-free eggs are $3.69 in Boston as of a week ago.

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Similar in Maine too. I don’t get it.

Frothy or not product test: I ran out of my standard Coffeemate Italian Sweet Cream that I froth to top either morning coffee or chai latte. I follow one of the Trader Joe’s influencers and she’d done a ‘froth off’ test that rated TJs chocolate oat beverage #2 for froth quality…… so I gave it a try. My take: not bad but nowhere near the full froth i get from my Aeroccino using the Coffeemate. Although: I have to admit that the Coffeemate froth can be a little hit or miss as well. I’m assuming it’s got something to do with the amount of protein in the product, or with whatever additives produce the same effect.

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I’ve tried a few new things recently and liked most of them. I’d give the squiggly noodles a YAY–nothing special, but a fine alternative to ramen. Cook them for 4 minutes and no more–I wonder if the people who hated them overcooked them? I found them nice and toothsome. Good for a stir-fry when you’re sick of rice.

Frozen beef kebabs are a YAY. I had them with naan and (vegan) tzatziki and lettuce and cuke. They have the texture of ground beef, not what I was expecting, and were not terribly spicy–others may want to spice them up a bit. I think I will keep a bag of these around for emergencies.

Frozen stir fried garlicky cabbage: this looked weird, but it is good to have around for a side or to throw in a stir fry with tofu or chicken. Nice soy-ginger flavor, not too soggy. I wouldn’t microwave it.

Okie Dokie frozen dessert: I’d give it a meh; a little too sweet.

Many Things Snack Mix: basically chex mix (and if they have a supplier for this, why can’t they make chex cereal?) It’s fine but I found it weird because the various things have different flavors. When I make chex mix, I make a coating that goes on everything. These have some sweet ones and some spicy ones, which I find disconcerting.

Oh, and I saw the survey about your favorite product and couldn’t think of one, but then I remembered: the crumpets! These are probably the first thing I bought when TJ’s first came to New England and I used to stock up when I went to Massachusetts. I don’t buy them all the time anymore but I got them last week and remembered how much I love them.


same today at assembly square.

and friday i picked up a carton of lally’s extra large at neighborhood produce in ball square for $3.49.

I’m glad the kababs are back! I was a bit worried they were a try-and-done. (They are a tiny bit gristly imo, but really good otherwise. I use the calabrian chile paste and toum with them, also from TJs.)

Thanks for the tip on the squiggly noodles - I bought a pack and will try not to overcook!

Thanks, but the sauce on the fish korma was different than the sauces on their other products. It was the total package that I loved, not just the fish. Maybe I can find something at the Indian store with a chicken or vegetarian version of a similar sauce. I don’t eat mammals so lamb is out.

I’ve never seen the toum. What area do you usually find it?

Same area as zhoug and the dips.

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Tried a few things I bought earlier but hadn’t opened.

YEA on Gochujang - more spicy than sweet, good depth of flavor. I like the mini size too. Now I hope they keep it in stock.

Repeat YEA for the Korean short ribs. I’ve cooked these all the ways suggested as well as sous vide, but I hit upon my favorite method yesterday out of a necessity of speed — pressure cooked! All the gristle and connective tissue softened and became completely edible, and the meat was moist and succulent.

NAY for the organic baby arugula - tiny, stemmy, almost woody. The non-organic baby arugula is so much better.

MEH for the cut butternut squash - gotta use it up fast. I waited 2 days on a freshly-stocked purchase and it got fungus.

YEA for the sliced mushrooms, especially the white ones that I used to overlook. Saves so much effort, and even the white ones cook up very flavorful, especially if you’re using a mix of mushrooms for texture.

On another time-saving front, they now have peeled garlic like WF, but a buck or more cheaper. Big YEA. Stick them in the freezer.


They call it garlic spread btw. It’s delicious.

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love it! could (ahd have:) eaten ir with a spoon (of my finger. why dirty a utensil?:slight_smile: it’s also great instead of mayo on a bly. also used it for tuna salad.

Since we lived in LA for a long time, home of the famous Zankou chicken, we most often use it with a rotisserie chicken and pita. But I agree, off the finger works too!

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@riley Here’s a pic


Has anyone tried the new Heirloom Chicken?

(@vinouspleasure reminded me of the other thread - not sure if you’ve seen the new-to-me one at TJs?)

What’s new about it?