Trader Joe's Yea/Nay/Meh 2017

As I expected, when I went to the Burlington, MA location today, the bag of late-season Snapdragon apples I snapped up 2 weeks ago was the last to be had until next autumn. Disappointment vanished immediately, though, because, joy upon joy, the Sky Valley Heirloom Navel Oranges arrived last night!!! Last year, the shipments were small a9d sold out i9 a thrice, but they received them several times. I was very surprised to see them again well after Easter but you can’t count on a repeat.

Continuing the discussion of Miyoko’s European Style Cultured VeganButter, I’ve tried it with a crusty bread and get the sensation, meltiness, and flavors of salted butter. This product is going to make lots of vegans and lactose intolerant people happy.

I sautéed some garlic in it as the base of a tomato sauce. It foams a ton and has an odd smell as it cooks, not nutty like butter. I’m gonna stick with regular unsalted butter in the unlikely event I bake, but I’d love to hear anyone’s experience baking with it.

While I’m writing, TJ’s chili flakes are super-spicy (yay!), so recipes calling for “chili flakes” need to be adjusted accordingly.


Update on two of my favorite recent items: the blue-cheese-stuffed Halkidiki olives appear to be gone for the season, and I haven’t seen the porcetta roast since the one we got a few weeks ago. NAY!

The smoked olive oil is still around, though. So, there’s that.

just tried the truffled mac and cheese, something heretofore i had considered vastly overrated. but, this was damned near perfect: substantial pasta (cavatappi, not elbows); five – yes, five – cheeses (gouda, white chessar, asiago, parm and romano); a couple of slices of crimini mushrooms on top; and just enough white truffle extract to make the point. all for $3.49 for 12 ounces.

such a deal!


Meh: Pacific Rose apples. Juicy and crisp but virtually flavorless.

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I am quite fond of the Giant Chalkidiki olives. Complex and delicious. I think its $2.99


On the New Items endcap, YEA for the baked cheese bites. They are in a small yellow bag. Crisp alternatives to croutons for soup or salad.


I love those olives!! Huge YAY. (Ok fine, so maybe i love about any olive).
They’re so big and fleshy that it’s easy to eat around the pit -although perhaps too large to eat in an elegant way with company…

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I totally LOVE this ! I’ve been using it more as a condiment instead of a cooking ingredient and have loved it for buttery toast, on steamed green beans, and on rice with soy sauce (somehow butter and soy sauce make a magical combo for about anything).


In related news, the blue-cheese-stuffed Giant Chalkidiki olives were back at the Masonic store this morning. YAY.

Then hoard the whole jar at home!


The Baked Cheese Bites, mentioned in the previous TJYNM thread, are dangerously good, and by “dangerously good” I mean any cheese bites in my immediate vicinity are in grave peril.


Would be nice to see TJ’s offer a date sampler. (Or, if Bateel had an outlet in NY, that would also be nice.)


My gosh that looks fantastic!! I haven’t bought them lately but TJs had a box of Delget Noor dates for a long time that are a YAY -was just over a pound and packaged really well so they stayed fresh. Big plump and really easy to snack on!
I would totally buy a date sampler like that but i don’t know how readily available that many varieties are for a retailer of their size

The new wild rice and mushroom sausageless sausage are a YAY for me. Nice mushroomy flavor. Same texture as the italian meatless sausage but the more mild flavor makes it more flexible for other dishes. Definitely better cooking whole in a pan or sliced and sautéed than it is just microwaved. (I knew better yet tried it anyhow)


Had some like that (not really crisp) a couple of months ago but more recently got some much, much better ones, plus Honey Crisp and Jazz. Like other suppliers/stores, fruit can vary from one purchase to the next at TJ’s for me.

I wish I would have seen this prior to my last visit, I definitely would give them a try.

I just got a jar of Hot and Spicy Dill Pickle chips for the first time. The cashier said they were a new product. They are delicious! And actually spicy. They taste just like the Claussen spicy pickles, which I have only found a couple times. YAY!!
Edited to add: These were from the Daly City, CA store. My mom looked at her store in Redlands, CA and they didn’t have them.

Vegan Spread and Dressing

meh. It doesn’t have as much of a mayonnaise taste as Just Mayo, which is also based on pea protein. It’s like a cross between Miracle Whip and how soy-based Nayonaisse tasted the last time I had it in the late 2000s.

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Dunno if it’s been mentioned yet, but the smoked peppered mackerel is really, really good :slight_smile: