Trader Joe's Yea/Nay/Meh 2017

YEA: TJ’s Yuzu Hot Sauce (not sure if this is new or just new to me). Nice acidity and some sneaky heat (not super hot).


big yea for the sumatra coffee brownies. a teeny bit sweet fro my taste. but the intense chocolately flavor and chewy texture more than compensate.

and, yea for the quadruple almond butter cookies. intense, but not overwhelming, almond flavor. crispy, not chewy; perfect for dunking in tea or coffee.

also picked up some fresh pasta: roasted cauliflower & cheese mezzelune. will report back later.

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Cool! I bought the same pasta but haven’t had a chance to try it yet. Got a bit of a head cold and the presumably mild flavors would be lost on me.

Has anyone tried the Organic Red Lentil Sedanini, their lentil based pasta?

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Have you made these yet, and if so – what kind of sauce did you serve them with? I thought maybe brown butter, but would love some suggestions :slight_smile:

Brown butter works on about anything…! A light creamy sauce with some chopped fresh herbs sounds good too


The yuzu hot sauce was a surprise YAY for me too! I’m really wimpy when it comes to anything spicy but i’m loving this whisked into vinegrette

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YAY- toasted coconut organic granola; nice coconutty flavor and combo of textures, not too sweet. I’m enjoying it over my plain greek yogurt for breakfast. Gluten free and vegan but you would never guess that.

YAY- for the mandarin oranges at a decent price, apparently my regular grocery store has decided these should be very expensive and i can’t bring myself to pay $9 a bag.

The organic chocolate chip chewy granola bars is somewhere between meh and ok for me. Its alright, but nothing too exciting.

Well, I worry that a cream sauce might be overkill given the ravioli are stuffed with cheese. I was thinking maybe red pepper sauce with a little kick or some such.

I’ll let y’all know what I end up doing with them. Think we might have them at some point this week.

I bought it but haven’t cooked it yet.

I bought this last week and it’s a YAY for me too. Excellent with the caramel macchiato and coconut yogurts, and as a topping for vanilla ice cream (with chopped pineapple too!)

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i finally tried these. served with wilted greens and a drizzle of parm oil.

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Yay for the aloo chaat kati pouches in the freezer section. Tried one last night and was impressed by the generous level of heat. Nice and spicy!

Is chana masala supposed to be still a little bit hard and crunchy in general? I bought a can of this to try, and the chickpeas felt a bit undercooked. But I am not a native so would love to hear some feedback about the texture.

I tried the canned channa masala last year, and did find the chickpeas firmer than those in the restaurant channa masalas I have had. It’s not a favorite dish for me, regardless of source. I DO like the TJ canned mutter paneer (their spelling differs).

sorry if this has already been mentioned, but via a quick scan, i didn’t see it… we LOVE their kouign amann, found in the veg section (not the frozen kind that I’ve heard of), of all places, on a stand-alone display with other baked things. they come in these oven-proof plastic-y muffin tins - 4 to a pack - and you just preheat the oven to 400 and put them in for 5 minutes. they’re scrumptious, nice and buttery, very balanced between caramelly and sweet.


No, chana masala is supposed to be soft. Sometimes it’s cooked down even more to the point where some of the beans are breaking (that’s how I prefer it too).

I wonder if the canned version slightly undercooks it with the assumption that it will finish cooking when heated? I only tried it once, but wasn’t a fan of the flavor. Don’t remember it being undercooked though.

Try their frozen chana masala – it’s much better. Comparable to homemade, and I don’t have to spend 45 minutes making it. I always have a couple on hand for lazy weeknights.


The KA 4-pack was mentioned a few months ago. Nowhere to be seen in the MA and NH locations at which I shop, nor could the staff find it on the list of what’s available for them to order. But they did say the frozen version is supposed to be coming back.

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Stores in the Bay Area, at least, are still carrying it, but not the frozen.