Trader Joe's Yea/Nay/Meh - 2016

Anyone tried this, or the avocado oil and organic tahini?

I’ve been buying the organic tahini, it has excellent sesame flavor but it’s very drippy. I use it mostly in sauces and salad dressing- it really needs some salt if you’re using as a condiment or add salt to your recipe.
I’ve bought non organic tahini at twice the price that wasn’t as tasty.

(Note the refridgerated “tahini sauce” which is not new is a NAY, weird flavors added to it and has an odd aftertase)

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MEH - Cranberry Coconut Snacking Crackers. They are slightly sweet, and would probably be good with cheese, but these flavors are overshadowed by the sesame seeds they also contain. I don’t dislike sesame seeds, but this combination doesn’t appeal to me.

I hear that the Thomcord grapes have returned but also noticed, in the circular for New England’s Market Basket supermarket chain, clamshells of “Grapejammers” - identified in the smaller print as Thomcords.

Anyone bought their fresh peaches? They had a ‘special’ name I forgot now.

Oh, I got to try the Punjab eggplant at their sample stand. Not bad for a quick dinner, I guess. Needs heat, tho.

Tried the organic vfc ice cream- ok but expensive,not a strong vanilla flavor and the chocolate in the chips overpowers so it is more like a chocolate ice cream (as far as flavor goes).

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Also tried (new?) soft shrimp tacos . 3 in a box in the freezer dept. The instructions were for 1200 w. microwave,so i had to adjust for 750. The cook time was all wrong. double shells on each taco,but the bottom got waterlogged so could not even pick them up without them falling apart. The flavor however was very good. Will try them again and try to get the time to cook properly

Some dude was handing out samples of their peaches & they were quite tasty - so I got 4 lbs. for $4.99 or some such. YAY.

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Coconut Caramel Cookies - NAY. These were super dry, with hardly any caramel.
Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream - YAY. Nice and minty with lots of chocolate.

They had Pumpkin Caramel Kringles yesterday. I picked one up based on previous Kringle posts here, but haven’t tried it yet…

Had one last year, but found it way too sweet - more so than the Christmas season almond kringle. But you’re supposed to get 12 servings; with a small piece, the sweetness is less of a problem.

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The salted caramel coconut cookies were on the dry side for me and got drier once the package was opened but the lack of caramel flavor (there was more salt to the salted caramel than caramel) is a deal breaker - NAY.

Big YAY for the Chocolate Hazelnut cookies - I have no idea if these are new but they’re new to me and better than the Cookie Butter Cookies.

NAY for the dried kalamata olives in shrink wrap. They should be labeled dried and oil packed and I didn’t care for the oils. Must be refrigerated after opening. Might be okay if you didn’t have access to a middle eastern or other grocery store with an olive bar. Looked like a bargain at $1.99 for 8.8 oz but I’ll pay more for better taste.

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Assuming they use real vanilla, that’s a bit of waste of vanilla indeed that the chocolate covers the vanilla taste all up…!

I’ve been working out of town so hadn’t been in a TJ’s in quite some time. Was in one briefly the other day and noticed they finally have a tzadziki sauce back in stock. Also noticed packaged gyro meat. Has anyone tried either item?

how’s the mango babka?

Nay! I took one for the team and tried their rice noodle bowls. There were six (6) freeze dried corn kernels and a few scallion shards in a packet of tasteless stuff. I like to have something quick, regardless of nutrition although I expect some flavorp, in the back of the cupboard for when I get distracted and forget to eat. It won’t be this.

Yay! The South African spice grinders have returned, at least to Central NY.

Oh jeez you’re right- it’s been a while but I certainly remember that rice noodle bowl as a NAY. There are some Dr mc dougal instant noodle cups that are actually very good but obviously not sold at TJs.

Made packaged ramen look good.

Yay! to the 2 pack organic pizza dough, in the freezer.
Cooked it on the rack and it crisped up wonderfully. Good price at $2.99 a package. We’ll be trying them on the grill this weekend.

These were still MIA recently - I asked, and was told that there was BPA in the lining of the cans. They don’t know at this point whether the producer will switch to cans that meet TJ’s contract guidelines. At least it wasn’t a matter of contaminated ingredients.

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Pumpkin Joe’Joe’s (sandwich cookies)- liked the initial taste, but the aftertaste is quite TUMS.

Yay- Humboldt organic vanilla icecream $2.99 for 1.25 qt of good value creamy vanilla goodness.

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