Trader Joe's Yea/Nay/Meh - 2016

There were fewer than 100 posts in the thread for the last quarter of 2015, so let’s leave this reboot open-ended for now. Yesterday’s find was that they’ve added a smaller, simple circular cookie version (sold in a small bag) of the delicious Butterscotch Shortbread Wreath cookies that came in a tall cardboard canister for the last two holiday seasons. I was hoping for the Sky Valley Heirloom Oranges (net bag, blue label), but no luck, and it WOULD have been earlier than I’ve see them in prior years. They still had the seasonal truffle-flavored oil, and since I am a troglodyte who can’t tell real truffle from ersatz, I brought another one home.


Has anyone tried the smoked salmon in a wooden box? Wondering whether to gift this dependent on taste.

Found in Northern California.

Burlington, MA today:
YEA!!! Heirloom navels are in, the best yet.
Two as yet untried new frozen items that may spell big trouble for me: Alsatian Onion Tart
(5"x 8" or so) and mini-churros.

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Boy, this is a dead thread.

In any event: big YAY for the chicken soup dumplings from the freezer section. Polished off 5 of 6 of them today for lunch with a dipping sauce of black vinegar, sesame oil & sriracha… sadly out of toasted sesame seeds.

Really nice flavors. The dough could be more delicate, but for something mass-produced, these are pretty great. I only wonder why it’s chicken, not pork.

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OMG…If my hair was not dripping wet I think I would hop in the car and see if these are available at my store! Please report back and let us know if the churros are worth the calories.

Thumb-sized, bake 5 minutes at 425F. Cinnamon sugar packet enclosed. YEA-ish. I have
yet to find my oven’s sweet spot for these. The bottoms scorched before the tops browned.

Shocked to see Red Boat fish sauce at my local (central NY) TJs. Since I also saw it at Wegmans last week, I hope Red Boat isn’t overextended.


I have no Trader Joe’s here

every time I see these threads I die a little inside



I understand completely. We’ve only had one for a year, and I am so grateful not to have to smuggle things in from distant locations.

[quote=“sr44, post:9, topic:3035”]
I am so grateful not to have to smuggle things in from distant locations.
[/quote]I think you just used your TJ’s Himalayan Pink Salt grinder, and rubbed some into Mad R’s wound! :wink:

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Don’t be sad. Judging from the low activity here, it would appear not many HOs have one, either.

I shop there all the time but don’t buy pre-made stuff so I don’t have much to contribute to the threads- maybe its the case with others, too. I’m pretty sure people already know the coconut oil and Kerrygold are good. :slightly_smiling:


Nay to the small , tight parking lot , and slow checkers ; to much chatting . Otherwise Yea .

throwing salt on the wound, TJs truffle salt.

Really sorry you don’t have one at hand.

Not to mention the Normandy butter.

The Guatemalan organic french bean (fresh, not frozen) is pretty good too. Not farmer’s market good, but its nice to have when beans are not in season around here.

The frozen ones, on the other hand, yikes.

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Eh. They add all kinds of products all the time, besides pre-made stuff. And some of their pre-made stuff is quite good in a pinch.

That’s what this thread is for.

I guess that depends on the location. Here in the boonies? Big lot, fast checkers. Friendly.

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YAY to the Greek olive oil in the big can. The Kalamata is usually my go-to, but this is pretty nice, too.

Anyone have any opinion on the Tunisian olive oil?

Anyone tried the shelf-stable whipping cream? I ended up with one of these sometime last year but have yet to try it. I’ll test it out soon, but if anyone has tasted it I’d be interested in hearing the verdict.