Trader Joe's 2024: YEA/NAY/MEH

I buy the Tuscan pane now, which has a sourdough-like tang (though not overly sour), good texture, and is quite consistent.


I wonder if that’s temporary? I was at my TJs (Burlington, MA) and picked up their San Francisco sourdough.

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You’re fortunate. In many regions, it’s been phased out. Some folks are taking it even harder than I am.

One of those Reddit links has a poster claiming the cracked wheat formula has changed. I can verify the ingredients haven’t changed, but my family was telling me it’s a bit different now and I didn’t believe them.

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That’s exactly what I’ve been buying in its place.

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Yea for the lemon-ginger cheesecake sample I got today. Very rich, just the one tablespoon was about right.


I love the sound of that cheesecake, but that’s what’s stopped me from buying it. This is how I feel about the pumpkin cheesecake they do in the fall too. It’s got good flavor, but soo dense and rich that I never finished it.

My DH is big on cheesecake but it’s too rich for me, as well. Last Thanksgiving we had a friend join us for the day - she’s a vegetarian/pescatarian. We made Cioppino for our main course. But I digress. I found a recipe for pumpkin cheesecake bars made in small square pan. I used Biscoff cookies for the crust. This recipe is similar to what I made, including lining the baking pan with parchment. It was perfect for 3 of us, with leftovers.


It’s one of the reasons why I love the fluffy Japanese light souffle like cheesecakes. You do lose out on some of the tanginess and creaminess of the rich cheesecakes, but I find it easier to enjoy with some fresh fruit.


Yea to the nee Pad See Ew which was decent for a frozen version. Also just as a heads up for anyone who uses them, the crispy jalapeño pieces and the Kibbeh have been discontinued, which was a bummer as they’re staples in my household.


Found out today it was discontinued :cry:
One of our faves

@richb51 - thanks for the good laugh over your “raunchy” hot dog! :rofl:

Wow, that sounds so good! Rich, as a fellow pizza pizza hound, wondering if you tried any of their frozen pizza?

Well, this is exciting!

I liked the Whole Foods one for a quick pad see ew fix, but then they discontinued it.

Boo to the discontinuations. Though I had intentional blindness for the jalapeños bec they were way too addictive!

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Question. Why does everyone rave about the tomato and pepper soup in the tetra but no one ever talks about the straight tomato soup same packaging? Is it bad or just forgettable?

I like the creamy tomato soup (if that’s the one you are referring to) a LOT. So that’s a YAY from me.

Easiest dinner is a bowl of their tomato soup & a perfect grilled cheese made by my dear PIC :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I think the roasted peppers makes the soup.


@linguafood @LindaWhit I will have to pick up the straight tomato and check it out. I’ve had the combo twice and it was fine but I didn’t discern much pepper flavor.

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Satay sauce is on a “production delay” (read: they underestimated its popularity) but will be back next month.

I said to the guy, phew, I thought it might be one and done! He laughed and replied, you mean like we do on so much stuff after people love it?!

They know.


And I pour a glug of heavy cream into the empty box and shake it up - add to the pan, stir with a whisk. We love this soup!

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I have a recipe for Indian tomato soup that uses the TJ carton of soup, spices, fresh curry leaves. When I read the label and saw very high sodium, next time I made it with low salt Imagine that I found at WF, it tasted dull.

So, I’ve decided to just use the TJ one and have it as a treat occasionally.